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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Why I paid full price for this month? So I lost all loyalty rewards and credit card rewards? I did not pay attention to the changes, maybe it is time to switch!




Which plan are you presently?

For existing customers, may want to consider these following plans:

$19/month for 1 GB LTE

$29/month for 10 GB LTE

$34/month for 50 GB Canada/US LTE 

$40/month for 75 GB Canada/US LTE 

Some of these plans may be cheaper than some of the grandfathered plans. 

For example, it makes sense for any old $25 plan 1GB users to switch over to the $19 plan.  Basically paying the same without the legacy rewards (ie. autopay and loyalty).

It's no longer available, @missorange 

Public Mobile had to find ways to make more money for its parent company, TELUS.

And the result is it's most loyal customers have to pay more.

Ain't that grand.  😒

@missorange  No, sorry, no way to switch back. You can see more info here 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Yes, I did not pay attention for the notification, as it is not cleared stated that they going to charge the full price.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Anyway to switch back to the old rewards plan?

Mayor / Maire


Everyone on Legacy Rewards no longer receive instant discounts at renewal.

It's been replaced with public points where you earn points toward discounts on your bill. They are inferior, but still a reward system.

Mayor / Maire

@missorange  You must have missed the notifications that everyone on the old rewards system is being switched this month to the points system, you should have received some bonus data as "compensation"?  Going forward you will earn points that can be used for bill credits or discounted add ons once you have enough.  You will have to log in to redeem your points.   Note that you may be able to save by changing plan, such as to the $19 1GB 4G plan available on your account but not advertised. 

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