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Open CIBC text message doesn't working.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi Sir,

My Customer support code number is # 643484.

My incoming call and text message from another people call me and text me is OK. But CIBC account open cell phone is OK. Only text message isn't working. Could you please check it for me.

Thank you


Mayor / Maire

@DanielKeeSi   did you just join and port in your number?


System generated text like 2FA will take couple days to come for two reasons

1. it does take longer for system to recognize the new "home" of your phone number and route the text to the correct provider

2. Financial institutions purposely add a delay for ported number to avoid sim fraud


usually you should start seeing some 2FA text on the 3rd days and will get everything working after a week.

Mayor / Maire

@DanielKeeSi hi this is not were you answer a support ticket this is an open forum for all to see,don't share any personal info,to respond to a support ticket check your private message envelope top right corner 

Mayor / Maire


If you just activated and did a port over, it can take up to a week for short codes to work properly.


@DanielKeeSi , did you complete a number transfer recently.  It might take a couple of days for the short code text to work.