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Number not transferring.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My wife and I switched to Public at the same time a month ago and she is still having issues transferring her phone number. We both came from the same carrier and went through the process and the same time; I’m stumped on why she is having issue but I am not. 

She confirmed within the time frame she was trying to transfer her number when the previous carrier texted. She called the previous carrier and they said there shouldn’t be any issue in their end, no outstanding bills or anything like that. 

Her number shows up correctly in her iPhone, however when people try to call her it goes to voicemail. For some reason I do not have this issue, I can dial her number and it rings fine. 


Mayor / Maire

@RelishedSloth  You probably already checked this, but make sure the silent button on the left side of the phone (above the volume buttons on mine) hasn't been accidentally switched to on.  It's a fairly common iPhone problem.

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