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Number change

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Ok. I have used my phone to send not receive calls since getting Public about 3yrs ago from a kiosk in Winnipeg. I live in Steinbach. Since then, a local friend called but said it was long distance from her landline. I thought she was mistaken as 431 shares Manitoba’s 204. She said it again, then I read the next three numbers, CA I think they’re called, is a local designate, in my case Winnipeg, and hence long distance for her.

 I guess the local area had made sense when I got it in Winnipeg. Tied to the sim card? Replace the sim? Is there a Steinbach option for my CA number.?


You can change your number for free anytime you like up to 4 times a month to any number across the country. It's all in the account. Before selecting a number make sure nobody answers. If it gives some kind of error then that should be good. If it rings then not good.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Wasn't my original,  current,  phone number hardcoded on the sim card i received? Is it rewritable,  by the phone, using my Public profile settings? Or do I need to purchase a local sim. It looked like it would just reset the indexing within my phone. Held off on cells because there was so much i didn't understand for a while.

Just change it to a Steinbach number for all those local callers. I see 204-408 numbers in the change number function.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Okay, i have some splaining to do , without giving defining personal information away. First, the woman has a landline, old school, and no interest in a cell. Second…Manitoba, original area code 204, i have the expanded 431. No problem. The next three numbers is called a prefie, further regional defining. Mine is 554. Google up prefie 431 and 554 is on the list as Telus mobile Winnipeg. Where I bought the sim and contract. Without the one, the number is not accepted as dialed, on a landline with 1, long distance from Steinbach. I don’t care if it becomes a whole new number; I live here and receive more calls locally than none from Winnipeg.

Mayor / Maire

You can only change complete number including area code.

You will not be able to change area code only AND keep existing number.


@CatManDo , this is a counter intuitive suggestion.  It might be useful to ask your friend to look into changing phone plans.  Legacy plans that charge long distance fees these days are extremely expensive relative to in market plans.  Otherwise, it should be straightforward for you to get a number that is "local".  

Mayor / Maire

hi @CatManDo 

did your friend out a 1 in front of your 10 digits number? More and more often the 1 is needed even it is a free call

And even if long distance call for your friend, maybe your friend issue?

We can check if it is really long distance.  Give us both you and your friend area codes and next 3 digits and we can look up

Mayor / Maire

Area code 204 has these prefixes:
300 320 321 326 346 370 371 380 381 392 408 543 846 905 912 972 993

Area code 314 has these prefixes:
205 215 309 366 562 607 698 726

These are the local area calling towns.
La Broquerie
Ste Anne

Mayor / Maire


log in to your account / Profile /My Phone Number and click on that little pencil to Change Number...then select Province and select the area code of your choice. The best selection of numbers seem to be in early am.

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