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Not happy AGAIN!

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Well big surprise here. Somehow in their transition they deleted my community account probably because I was always complaining about all the things they never lived up to or screwed up. So why would I be so surprised when I'm forced to re-register a new community account. Tried to use my old nickname it says it's in use and unavailable. Try to access a login feature to the community it won't let me only allows me to register. How convenient public mobile. Anyways besides all that my real question is how come in the fine print of my contract it's available online it doesn't say anywhere what the guaranteed minimum bandwidth available to me is it only states that I may experience speeds up to 100 megabytes per second. Well let me tell you what I've experienced bandwidthwise over the past two weeks where I have taken measurements of the available bandwidth during usage. Now it's not like I'm downloading colossal files or anything like that just your typical guy checking emails watching a couple videos blah blah blah. Yes I optimized my browser deleted all my cookies dumped any unnecessary crap the bottlenecks your browser and started fresh everyday. My device is up to date and works seamlessly on multiple different Wi-Fi networks and to prove this I swapped my friend SIM card into my phone and achieve much much higher speeds with his provider than with public mobile. 

  • So as a benchmark for this test I'm on a 20 GB plan 40 bucks a month I live in a typical area populated and covered enough that I get full bars all day everyday. Everyday at 7:00 p.m. I would go online check my emails do 5 or 10 minutes worth of Facebook and then go to YouTube and look up the same music video, play it and open a second window with the same speed test running at the same time. I was actually quite disappointed, the average over the 14-day period was only 6.2 Mbps, which would explain the often choppy video poor quality and long wait times for it to play. So this led me to do some research and try to find where public Mobile States what the minimum megabytes per second speed they will provide at all times is to customers. And low and behold nowhere in their entire fine print regarding contracts does it say that they will uphold a minimum speed. It clearly states in there that they will throttle at their discretion and if you're an unlimited data account holder well sucks to be you for sure you get unlimited data every month but they sure do throttle it pretty quickly leaving you with a pretty low download speed for the duration of your unlimited contract. Needless to say I challenge public mobile to practice a bit more ethics and stop misleading people in there advertisement promoting download speeds that will never be attained. Yes I realize that she's your typical xxxxxxxxxxxx marketing ploy and obviously it worked, it got me. Just feeling a little sick and tired of being fooled and being led to believe that I'm going to receive something for my hard-earned money. I stuck it up with this company for many years now and I tell you I've been on the verge of leaving many times. xxxxxxxxxx and complain as I might nothing ever seems to change...except maybe TELUS's bank account balance goes up...


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@Fedupclient - it wasn't just you about not accessing your previous Community ID, many users were affected by this since the May 2023 updates around here, including myself. I submitted a ticket to CSA and within 4 hours I had my original Community ID back. So if you want it back, just message them about recovering it. Once it is recovered, this new ID will be gone (well it will stay around as an anonymous user). You can mention your speed concerns in this ticket too.

I read you put your friend's sim card in your phone and got better speeds (good test for checking your phone's ability; what provider and type of plan are they?).

Canadian Cell Towers  PM:


Are you also able to test the reverse, move your sim card into another phone for a few days and see if the speed is the same as you are experiencing?

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I don't think you'll find any provider who will guarantee minimum speeds, because there are far too many things that can affect it (many out of their control). They all advertise maximum speed.

That said, you might have an issue that could be solved for. Do you experience similar results in different areas of town? Indoors vs outdoors?

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I take it you recently changed to a "4G" plan? At renewal your Sim card likely didn't quite provision correctly and as a result your are not getting the typical 4G data speeds most customers experience. Have you tried a speedtest of your 3G network? You should see an average 10 to 12mbps. I temporarily upgraded last month to a 4G plan and on day 30 ran some speed tests....







Contact customer support to reprovision your Sim card and reset your account. If you don't see much faster data speeds within 48 hours then have the CSA open a ticket with the tech team and ask for compensation to your plan cost for the subpar data speeds you have been experiencing.

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