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No self serve, no phone!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I JUST activated my new sim in a new phone but hadn’t set up Self Serve yet. Psycho bf steals phone and I cant report it stolen or stop any auto payments without the actual phone. What do I do?? 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have EVERYTHING paid by my credit card. To report it stolen I would have to get in touch with every single company and bill payment I have auto pay set up with. Thank you for your advice, but no! 

Mayor / Maire

@ChrysD if you can't prove ownership, report your credit card lost and get a replacement card. Don't forget to update any bills that may be affected. Stay safe. 



Sorry to hear about your troubles.  


If you can't access self service, you will need to contact moderator

To contact moderator via 2 methods:

  1. Ticketing system - faster response time

Click on the question mark on the right lower corner of website to start ticketing process to contact moderator.  Type: Contact moderator. Follow the prompts to submit ticket.  


2 Send a private message to moderator through the following link :


Moderators usually respond within a few hours.  Check the envelope icon on the right upper corner up website.