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No Inbox/Envelope in Community account

Mayor / Maire

No Inbox? Envelope near my avatar for receiving or sending messages.


Anyone seen this before?





Cannot submit ticket through Private Message, but was able to through SIMbot.



EDIT: solution is correct, except for the Box should be CHECKED, not Unchecked. 🙂




While it may be a good exercise to pursue this curiosity, I highly doubt PM moderators would know how such a selection could have been disabled without you having manually done it. 


That would likely take a technological person to check the log files of your community account.


Another thing to bear in mind, is that Public Mobile seems to do a lot of its back-end work on weekends, and this may not be limited to self serve and may affect community pages too... 


I couldn't send it thus I can't save it either.


That message is usually seen when its an archived post that only oracles or pm employees have access to....

@esjliv @HALIMACS 

There were changes supposed to come to community that Catherine alluded to when she moved on to bigger and telusy things....


There is also the spam filter not allowing that "bad word" with three letters to be posted so some weird stuff going on....

@darlicious @esjliv  -- Hello, took a quick look at the thread and looks like the issue was resolved which is good. I am thinking because this was a one-off issue it was particular to the account rather than a Khoros issue. It is possible that your account settings were edited - but I doubt the moderators would do such a thing if there was not a reason. 


One more thing I will say is we did add some terms to the SPAM filters last week, but the only action that happens there is the post or private message will be stopped from showing, not a disabling of a functionality.


I am hoping this doesn't reoccur, but if it does, please tag me again and we can do a deeper dive into potential causes.




Would those changes to the spam filter be the reason for not being able to post w w w in its traditional form and in links? As well as not being able to respond to Andu_S in private messages without erasing the spam filter subject line with those 3 letters?


Here are the posts/messages that triggered the spam filter.


OK - our bad. It was a tendency for the SPAM to use that but I can see how it causes an issue. I have removed the term and it should no longer get caught in the filter. Thanks for bringing to my attention.




Good change. I have been wondering why the www would prevent a message from being posted. 


When referencing many of the public mobile get help articles, it is impossible to do so within a thread without that capability, other than copying and pasting the whole help article.


I gather that temporary filter was added for unintended spam and/or advertising content?

@darlicious - exactly. Apologies for the inconvenience that it caused. Prior to Wednesday you were able to send www (and I have now deleted from the filter).



Thank you for your speedy work! It is most appreciated!