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New rewards! We been treat like disposable napkins.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Let me get this straight!!!
$1 recruiting new customer keep because they use us as an free cow hauling in new customers for them.
But loyalty rewards cut our benefits. Our $1 cuts to 20 cents. Since that's how public mobile shows appreciations to loyal customer.
What make public mobile think we gonna be loyal to them for another 7 8 or even 10 years?
When you do this to customer, the loyalty is gone. I will be changing to the best deal provider as soon as there is a great plan fits my needs. After all what stop me change to another provider with same data, unlimited international call same price. Is the loyalty cuts down my bill every single months, and the trust I got to taken care of by PB.
You're not changing the rewards program, you're changing the fundamental of the public mobile. You will losing the loyal client you had for years. And for what you pulled here if that's true. Regain that public trustworthy is going down to the drain.
Every single person had been with public mobile for many years and journey will tell anyone that it's a company play game with you and will change rules out of their ways to betray you and don't truth a words they say. They will turn around and F you.

We been treat like a disposable napkins and this napkins loyalty build the company. You got no loyalty to us we got no loyalty to you. Like wise, I don't know who came up with this B's to cutting corners. But hi you're moving the structure wall on the concrete building here.

Sorry for the rantings everyone Please let me know all of your thoughts on this and how will it impact your choosing the next upcoming plans.Thank you.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The  Great Disincentive and the End of PM 

This new program is actually a disincentive program for older customers . Telus is probably losing money with these customers so they want to either rid themselves of these customers or have a small percentage that don't care stay on and pay the higher monthly amount to make the whole program more profitable . I feel that this could be the end of Public Mobile if most clients leave to other juicy plans arising out there in mobile fone plan Land .

 Once the incentives dry up and I get the higher bill with no real benefit since more gigs does not do it for me , I will be shopping around .

 Any suggestions .....

Other providers must know this and should react .....duhhhh by signing up the loyal PM customers who now have been disincentivized by Telus .

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Public Mobile needs to be punished for misleading their customers and for using their forceful tactics on us.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Agree 100 percent,    personally cant wait for Mint mobile to come to Canada but no doubt the power that be will go out of their way to stop that.      In the meanwhile,  looking at PC Mobile and Lucky Mobile 


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

What companies can/usually do isn’t the point. Public Mobile built its business through a loyal customer base on the promise of operating differently, and loyalty rewards was the keystone of that promise. Sure they can change their reward program, they’re entitled to, but it’s not just changing the program, it’s changing the business model they claimed to be using.

No one should be at all surprised that loyal customers feel betrayed by this move, least of all Public Mobile - their lack of any good faith attempt to make one final gesture of appreciation for loyalty shows this.

They removed the one transition points offer that would have softened the blow of a forced transition - there are no longer any one time loyalty bonus points. From a customer perspective they are actually punishing people who didn’t willingly change to points.

Then they offered a “thank you gift” that is insultingly problematic for at least 3 reasons:

1 - it is unusable by customers who don’t need/use data, or those with unlimited data, and they won’t let people change plans down to a lower rate that would allow them to actually make use of this “gift” - and they tied the size of the gift to the price of your plan, not how long you’d been with Public Mobile

2 - it is a huge amount that few people could use up in even a whole year, but expires in less than 6 months - it’s not even in keeping with previous “thank you gifts” the company has offered to customers during holiday periods, so it’s not as though they don’t know how to actually show appreciation, if they wanted to

3 - it doesn’t address the primary concern people have with losing their reward program

All Public Mobile is doing is showing us who they are now. Whoever they were when we signed up is gone. They are showing us in a number of ways through how this has been handled that they do not value loyalty or longevity at all (dollars coming in over time) - only dollars coming in right now. They can value whatever they want to, of course, but so can we as customers. We can place a value on being treated with respect, on being communicated with honestly and openly, on having the lowest possible price for services, on the most service/add on value per dollar spent …

So maybe there will be an exodus because people don’t like the change, because people don’t like how the change was handled, because people can get better value elsewhere, all of the above, or something else entirely.

Whether the company can do this legally or whether other companies would behave similarly, is really irrelevant. They are doing something inconsistent with what they told us when we signed up. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Liked your post. It surprises me when people replying come to the defence of PM and profitability, business etc. The CEO of Telus made over 15 million last year. If this is the elite system people are defending we are in trouble. Next people will post the CEO deserves what they get as they have to answer to shareholders etc. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

You are correct we  are not as valuable as a napkin, when they did this my days are numbered until I find a better plan, I wish they would give us a choice to go to the other plan or stay on the one we are on as that was the best for me as it was automatic, now I have to use the lame app to move points around, it was bad enough that this is a self serve service but now i even have to move point around it time they stat paying me for doing their job.  I am Not Happy about this Change 

@JamJam2 wrote:

Not quite Public Mobile was independent with great rewards, plans.  Then Telus bought them to keep prices high. Telus has been trying it's best to drive traffic upstream to its higher priced tiers. 

Public Mobile only seems to have good prices because it's forced to buy Freedom starting price wars

Didn't the rewards only start after Telus bought Public?  They wanted to say that the rewards were being given in return for lower costs by having everything Self Serve and no cell centre.  The plans have gotten better since Telus bought Public if you use a lot of data.  When Public was independent, Canada-US plans would have costed hundreds of dollars per month.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Not quite Public Mobile was independent with great rewards, plans.  Then Telus bought them to keep prices high. Telus has been trying it's best to drive traffic upstream to its higher priced tiers. 

Public Mobile only seems to have good prices because it's forced to buy Freedom starting price wars

hi @VidaM 

"due to my background" meant from a different country?

in Canada for mobile , no carrier really cares loyalty 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I saw the main post everyone is upset just my 2 cents. You can't just use your loyalty customer to recruiting and treat them like S at the same time.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I know right but due to my background loyalty customer is every company try the hardest to keep. This is not just about them saving the budget. This is fundamentally heading to self destruction. You could say we change the new point system for new users. Keep the old users the way it is. Even tho. Competition is everywhere without loyalty people can switch to any company now. I'm looking forward the near Future of cellphone bills. Many countries phone bill is average out less than $10 a month.

Mayor / Maire

hi @VidaM we don't like it

 But businesses always amend their rewards system, unfortunately it is always going for the worse

When business started, rewards were good to attract as many client as possible. Once business starts pick up, then they will make the changes to save $$

Mayor / Maire

@VidaM  Well said I could agree more . I feel your frustration . I sure hope PM takes notice and they stop this foolishness 

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