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New phone old sim card

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi there,


My contacts are not showing up on my new phone. How do I fix this problem?


Thank you!





What was your original phone?  new phone?  

A lot of times, the contact information is stored in the phone itself, not the SIM card.

Usually, you can transfer information from old phone to new.  Ie. old iPhone to new iPhone.  When I moved from Android to iPhone, I was also able to transfer contact information ,etc. 

Mayor / Maire


sign in to your Google or apple account and your contacts should sync up to your phone

Mayor / Maire


Since you still have your old sim, I would assume you did not loss your old phone. 

what kind of phone do you have?  when you setup  your new phone, there usually a Transfer phone process you can go through to transfer everything from old phone to the new phone, app and contacts


if you still have the old phone with you, you can also cloud backup your contact and then pull it back down on your new phone