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My son is on PM 3G looking to switch to 4G because of not getting calls on 3G as of lately.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good day all,


1) My son is on PM 3G looking to switch to 4g because of not getting calls on 3g as of lately, past year he had no issues. We are wondering if this would fix this problem?


2) What other advantages would he have besides faster Data speeds if any?


3) He has a new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and noticed as of lately he has no Volte Toggle anyone know why, I was thinking latest update from Samsung removing it?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

1) So I am very close to a Rogers 5g tower and a few 4g towers, but Bell & Telus in my area have been affect by something as of lately and my sons phone has poor reception. We have spoken with lots of people in our area and a lot of people are complaining having no to poor service.


2) I was asking a few people over at XDA and they confirmed latest update removed the toggle. Because it was on his phone even with 3G just switch off. I have the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and have 5G and I just checked I'm missing my toggle as well so Patchio you have no clue what your talking about. Because it is software related.


Last month I bought a cellar booster when my son visits he has 2 to 3 bars at my house other wise he has no signal at all. But last year he had 4 bars something has changed for the negative in my area.

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 I have faced same problem and then I bought iphone 13 few months ago thinking that this problem would be resolved but problem did not get fixed. unfortunately this issue is not related to device and this is something related to services provided by public mobile. even after creating tickets and sending several messages back and forth for verification with public mobile agents, nothing got fixed yet and they keep on asking to verify again and again because different agents take over the conversation and ask for verification again and again, this is very frustrating and even small thing takes several days in back and forth messages

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Here's a good article which delves into the various differences - give it a read:

What’s the difference in network coverage between 3G, 4G, 5G?


Sometimes, simply resetting your network connections or toggling airplane mode on/off can help to restore network connectivity.



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Changing to a 4G plan wouldn't affect your son's issue with not getting calls, because voice calls on PM uses the 3G network regardless of the plan you're on.


There would be no advantage aside from faster data speeds by moving from a 3G plan to a 4G one.


PM doesn't offer Voice over LTE, so the VoLTE toggle wouldn't appear on your son's phone even if it's brand new. It doesn't have anything to do with Samsung updates.


Hope that helps.