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My rewards vs public points system

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm curious about how the public points would differ from my current rewards for autopay and loyalty. I know the opt in gives you 5 points, im guessing that's a 1 time thing on opt in. But it mentions it gives you 1 point for every month you've been with them, does that just mean after the initial points I'll earn for my 2+ years with public mobile (around 25 points) is a one time points payout, then after I only get 1 point per month? Or is it every month I'll have my 25 points. It it worth it to switch? I'm just curious as to whats the better system for saving on the bill monthly. Thanks in advance! 

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Alright that's what I figured, I appreciate the detailed advice and all the replies. I love how this community has each other's best interests in mind. I'm trying to make sure I can keep my plan at as low cost as possible. Thank you 🙂

Mayor / Maire



The only good reason to switch to the points program would be that you know you will be leaving pm permanently and you cannot pass your $$ rewards account onto someone else who could use it. Then it would make sense to switch just before leaving to "cash out" your accumulated  "loyalty" points by using them for $15 bill credits. But you could likely make an arrangement with someone wanting to take over a $$ rewards account for an equivalent amount and have the satisfaction of making someone else happy that they have acquired a $$ rewards account.

I have several deserving people that I actively search for $$ rewards accounts for so that they can lower their mobile phone bill on their fixed incomes.



Don't change, you will earn much more staying with the legacy rewards system than migrating to the new one, mainly from the loyalty rewards

Here is the comparison  

  1.  $2 Autopay is no longer there and replaced with 5% ,  you get less UNLESS you have the $40 plan or above
    (but you get 5% for your other Add-on purchases as well)
  2. No more loyalty rewards, meaning the loyalty discount of $1/month up to $5/month will disappear. Instead, they will only give $10 each year on the anniversary.

    For someone with PM between 1st to 12th month
                  The old reward system will give $0 that year, versus $10 at the end of the 12th month with thew new system
    For someone with PM between the 13th and 24th month:
                    The old reward program will give $12 that year ($1/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 24th month with the new system
    For someone with PM between months 25th and 36th:
                   the old reward program will give $24 that year ($2/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 36th month with the new system
    for someone with PM between months 61 and 72 (and every year after that after that point)
                  the old reward program will give $60/year ($5/cycle) versus $10/year under the new system 

  3. You can no longer apply $1 or $2 you got to the bill right a way, you have to collect enough to 15 points to cash out $15 in one shot
    Also, you have to remember to convert your points to dollars once it reaches 15 points.  PM no longer automatic apply the reward discount.

On the other hand, the goodies for new system,

- 5% Points back for add-on purchases as well

- add-ons are around 33% cheaper when you redeem with Public Points
- you can use 1 point for lucky draw, so, technically you bet $1 and can win an iPhone 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

The short version is that it's generally not worth switching to the point system in the vast majority of cases. I'll let somebody who can articulate the specifics explain in more detail.

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