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My credit card you have on file will expire in 7 days, I need to have you new expiry date.

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If you didn’t receive your new CC to update your account then you need to purchase a voucher and dial 611 and enter the voucher number and pin to extend your account to Active/Subscribe status. 

Vouchers can be purchased at:

7-11, Canadian Tire gas stations, London Drugs, Canadian Superstore, Shell, Shoppers Drugmart, Safeway, Staples

But you have up to 90 days to update your CC on your account before your account will be closed/cancelled, your SIM will useless and you will lose your number.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good Morning @ATHENA2,

You can update your credit card information by signing in to your account either on the website or app.  Then choose payment settings and update your information and save.  

Please do not provide your updated information to anyone here as we are customers like yourself, not Public Mobile Employees and this is an open community ie. information posted here is viewed by everyone.


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Good Morning @ATHENA2 

Here is how you can change it. Please remember, we are ALL customers here like you. Nobody from Public Mobile on these boards.

How to change your credit card number

First and foremost, if you are changing your credit card information, you need to add every piece of information about the credit card like it was your first time. Even if it’s already auto filled, do it anyway. 

When you log in to your Public Mobile account, go to the Payments button.


On the right hand side, click on Manage Subscription.


Then click on Manage Payment Method and remember, change and edit everything even if it’s already auto filled. 


How to change credit card on phone app

Download the app from the app store if you already haven’t.

Sign into your app.

When your app opens you’ll be in the My Account tab. You will see a plus button at the bottom left above the My Account tab. Click on it.


Once you’ve clicked on it, go to Payments


The next screen you’ll want to click on Manage Subscription.


The next screen will give you the option to change your credit card information when you click on Manage Payment Method.


There you will be able to enter a new credit card and expiry date. Click on Save and you're good to go.

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Update credit card info


In your my account go payment tab >manage subscription >manage payment method or use this link

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If you go on your account and go to the payments section, hit manage subscription, and from there you can update your payment method! 

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