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Missing my 300 gb data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Mising 300 gb data giveto me when they changed me from old rewards progrom to not a better rewards program by no mines. An now i dont see the 300gb. An yes i didn't  use them up since i didnt use up my month amt.  Maybe some customer service agent could back to me.


Mayor / Maire

Hello @Bwesties2 

There are three reasons why they may be gone.

1. You used them up. But that's out.

2. You changed accounts to a lower monetary amount. This will trigger loss of data bucket according to PM.

3. The 5 months is up. It's only been maybe a month so.. nope.

If you haven't changed plans and are currently on the same plan that the data was given to you on, please contact a CS Agent to investigate.


To Submit a ticket, please click the following link to access the Public Mobile Chatbot:  Type: Customer Service Agent



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I am not a Public Mobile employee. I am a customer just like you. Please do not send me a private message with your personal information. 



Mayor / Maire


You will lose the bonus 300gb data if you downgrade to a lower plan but it will remain if you upgrade your plan. It is noted in the fine print.

Did you downgrade your plan?

If you didn’t downgrade them submit a ticket to an agent to investigate on the Chat bubble.


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