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$22 deal

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is the deal permanent? Does it include unlimited text and call?






Price is permanent, but any mobile company does reserve the right to increase plan costs in the future.  

Mayor / Maire

The deal, which is being offered to select customers like you @Bob930  is only available until June 18.   

It includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited international texting.

It also includes 6GB of data, which for the price point is very good. 

The price point will remain for as long as you don't switch to another plan, at which time it will become unavailable.

Mayor / Maire

Afternoon @Bob930 

If you received this text message offer, this was targeted to you. Currently, all plans that Public Mobile have, are all unlimited talk and text. This deal is available to you as long as you wish to keep it. I know of people who still have the $10 package from 10 years ago. That is the great thing about Public Mobile, you can change plans any time you want.

If you choose to say yes, make sure you take a screenshot of the acceptance, just to back yourself up. It will not show up on your profile for a bit. For me, when I changed plans, it showed up right away. However, because this is a delayed change, it may take up to 72 hours to show on your account but it will change on your next billing cycle. Good luck and enjoy the plan if you take it.

Mayor / Maire

hi @Bob930 permanent as in once you subscribed the plan, the price will stay

yes, it has all calling features and unlimited Canada Calling 

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