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Many issues with e-sim!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I cannot use i-message with my newly ported number. Also, i get no bars on the upper right corner, but network still works. Lastly, my personal hotspot option is non-existent and iphone says contact Public Mobile to enable.

I think it has to do with the e-sim not working properly. Can I please transfer my esim to using a regular sim card? The plan I have says physical sim cards are free but I just thought e-sim was easier. Can you please help asap?


Mayor / Maire

Simple question: WHY did you go with eSIM. I would Never use it... still Physical SIM is the Most reliable and easy to manipulate than esim.

Mayor / Maire

@DannyHung   If you think it is the esim have you checked Settings > Celluar and look to see if the eSIM is there.  If you see it make sure the PM eSIM is set as Primary on "Cellular Plan Label" and "Turn on This Line" is enabled.  

If that's all well, have you tried removing your phone number from iMessage, restarting the phone and then adding it back in again?

If you still need to contact customer service (that hotspot problem has been mentioned before but I don't recall seeing a fix) you can submit a ticket at the chat icon bottom right of the page.  I have used the hotspot on my iPhone within the past couple of days and it worked fine.

You say the network works, can you make outgoing voice calls, receive incoming voice calls?  Does data work?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It connects but:

1) Does NOT show connected to PM network

2) No personal hotspot is possible

3) iMessage doesn't show option to send/receive from my number

Thanks, please let me know how to proceed



Contact a CS_Agent by DM them to fix the eSIM issue at: 

It should be an easy fix by the agent.

HI @DannyHung 

yes, of course. But are you using iPhone or Android?

and you said you have problem using it, but does it connect at all?  does it show connected to PM network?

and you tried Reset All networks?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

For a limited time, get a 
FREE eSIM or physical SIM when you subscribe. Would I be able to please get back a credit for the cost of the sim card if I get it from Telus/Koodo?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can you try to at least give me the trouble shooting tips using e-sim please? Switching to physical sim is my last resort.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @DannyHung 

you can change back to physical sim if you like.  Get one from for $5, or get one Public Mobile sim from Telus or Koodo store

after you got the sim card, login to My Account, go to profile to update the sim card number.  On the profile page, just click the pencil besides sim card number there, and enter the new sim number

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