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Lost phone and can't login to account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My daughter lost her phone and can't login to her account because lost email and password and dont have the phone so can't get de sms verification code . Can someone please help me.  





for your login issue:

First try to use the Reset Password link there on the login page (or direct link: enter any possible email addresses you could have used and see if it works


If you are unable to self reset the password,  or if you need to change the email address used on My Account so you can login to that email address to get the verification code PM support will be able to help


1.  Open ticket with Chatbot for faster response (2-48 hours), using direct link:

Start by typing "Forgot Login Information", then click "Contact Us",, then click "Click here to submit a ticket ↗" 

2. if you have problem with Chatbot: Private message CS Agent at:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened. CS Agent will reply to you there



For you lost phone problem:

If you have not done so, you might want to first supsend your service first until you got a replacement sim card;

Login to My Account, from Quick Links on the top right, click Lost/Stolen Phone:


Then get a Public Mobile sim card from


Once you got the sim card, go to My Account from ONLY a desktop or laptop computer to request Change Sim card (please note that due to some glitches, accessing change sim care from mobile phone or tablet won't work)


After you logged in, unsuspend first if you have suspended your service earlier.

Then click Quick Links on the top right and select Change Sim card and follow the steps there

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