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No add on US roaming service activated

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I purchased a 15 day unlimited texts and phone calls yesterday but it wasn’t activated. I sent a message to the the CS agent telling them of my situation and asked for assistance. CS agent Wrote back saying that he activated the service and to power my phone off and on and it would work. But nothing worked. I wrote back to tell the CS agent this but no response at all. This is the third time I’ve had this happen. Any suggestions on how to rectify this problem.

Feeling sad and frustrated, John


Mayor / Maire

@roundisland44 Are you in State now? It will be activated when you're in State.
If you are in State, try reboot the phone and manually connect to T Mobile if phone didn't automatically connect to T Mobile. If your phone supports VoLTE then enable it.

While this shouldn't ne necessary, please try manually selecting the T-Mobile network from your device's setting menu. Short of that, you'll need to again contact a customer support agent.

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