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Locked out from resetting password

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi. I am locked out of resetting my password and cannot access my account 


Accepted Solutions

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hi @Vitalik1 


Please send a private message to and they will get this resolved for you within hours

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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hi @Vitalik1 


Please send a private message to and they will get this resolved for you within hours

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close all Browser and do clear cache and cookies for any Browser,

and try open one Browser incognito mode,

and try Forgot your password visit Here link, and enter your email address,

check your email spam,

or you need to Contact Customer Support Agent by CS_Agentand Explain your issue to 
them can solve your issue, they are nice Service Team they will help you 100%.

only them will reset for you,


Here’s How To Contact Customer Support Agent,

  • send a private message to Customer Support Agent by Click Here link,
  • please include in your message,
  • phone number,
  • Email address,


  • Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, will Response to your inbox by private message 
  • During business hours, we strive to answer customer messages swiftly. You will often get an answer within an hour. During peak periods, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.Customer Support Agents are available:
    • Monday to Sunday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST
    • Note: Public Mobile No Support by phone call or Email.. only by CS_Agentprivate message..

    Check your private message inbox (click on the envelope top right of your screen)

         Good Luck..

Mayor / Maire



Wait 1 hour and it will unlock and you can try again. Clear browser cache/history and then open a new window in incognito. Use chrome or edge browser.

Mayor / Maire

@Vitalik1 yes,  you might have to wait an hour to try again  as it likely just am a 1 hour temp. lock.  If still fails, you can open ticket using one of the ways below.  Chatbot is now working again and it is a preferred and quicker way:


  1. For faster response (2-48 hours), Click on the bubble in the lower right to request CS Agent assistance, or use this direct link:  



          Start with typing "Forgot Login Information", click  "Contact Us",  click "Click here to submit a ticket".  Then follow to complete the ticket submission.     

     2. Or you can Send a private message to the CS Agent here:

**Monitor your Community inbox, envelope on the top right, after ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply and work with you  via messaging there


Mayor / Maire

@Vitalik1    You can retry again after about 10-15 mins after the session lock although I know it's usually recommended to wait an hour before retrying, you don't have to wait the full hour.  Of course, if you've forgotten your login information, then you need to contact CSA's for assistance if the password reset option didn't work. 


However, it's always a good idea to clear your browser/cache cookies and to use incognito mode when retrying.