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Is there a way to auto apply points with the new system?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I asked their chat bot, and I'm not switching until forced, but I don't trust it to not lie, so can someone confirm if this is real?


Mayor / Maire

Nope. You will have to manually convert 15+ points to dollars. Since I never have points I do not know is it in blocks of 15 or it could be any amount of 15+. Time will tell.

Mayor / Maire

@Camara   I've been on points since I joined PM after they became mandatory, I just looked and there's no auto-apply option that I can see.  Maybe something that is coming after the May switch-over perhaps.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Camara - I see that the ChatBot used GenAI, which someone random probably inputted that in or PM has plans to introduce that. It is not currently available yet.

The only way to apply points to receive credits or add-ons would be to manually request them each time.

Mayor / Maire

@Camara As of right now no, there isn't you have to go in and manually do it yourself, but hopefully, after the program rules out in May, they'll have it shortly after.

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