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I ran out of data, successfully paid for an add-on, but my account is still suspended - help!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you - this worked.

Mayor / Maire

Do you still have the amount in your balance? If so then go back to purchase the add-on with the money you added.

Adding - to extend the above reply, you wouldn't be able to buy an add-on if the plan was suspended. You can add money. As soon as there's enough to pay the plan then it would renew.

Then you can add more money and buy the add-on. But then you wouldn't need the add-on because your plan data refreshed.

Mayor / Maire

@Carmellowe   is your account status showing Suspended?


Even run out of data, the account would not be suspended.  The account status will only be suspended if it not paid by Amount due date.   Did you check if you missed a payment?  Maybe Autopay failed?


Can you login to My Account and provide a screenshot of the status and the current  Available Fund 


If your account really suspended,  you have to first pay the plan amount and reactivate, then you can buy Add-on if you wish