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I ordered the wrong size SIM card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I ordered and then activated the SIM card, transferred my number so my old phone provider no longer works, and only _then_ realized I'm a moron and my phone needs a nano SIM 🤦

I'm fine going to the local mall and picking up a nano SIM, I only had this one mailed because it was Black Friday and the mall would be stupid-busy. But if I do that, what happens? Can I deactivate the SIM I already activated somehow?

(and because I know someone will ask, I can't do eSIM, my phone is too old :p)



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Ah! Thanks everyone for the quick answers, and for being so nice 😄

Mayor / Maire

Aren't you glad to know you are NOT a moron, @dan40 

Smart of you to come on here and post that question.   Too many others would try to remedy their issue, end up paying more and wasting their time, only to find out the solution to their problem is in front of their eyes.

Welcome to Public Mobile!!!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hey @dan40,

No worries about the size of the SIM in comparison to your device. There are 3 common dimensions for the SIM card and the Physical SIM you received is adaptable to all 3 dimensions. You just need to clip off the adapters around your SIM card chip in order to turn it into Nano size! It should then be able to fit into your device!

Also, don't throw out the adapters just in case you get a new phone that is compatible with a different dimension of SIM. You can simply clip on the adapter onto your SIM and swap it into any new phone you decide to purchase down the line. 

Mayor / Maire

Physical SIM cards are 3-in-1. punch out the size you need. (keep the rims in case you are switching to an older phone that takes a bigger SIM card?)

Mayor / Maire

@dan40  The sim card is a 3 hole punch to your desired size it should work 

3 hole punch /desired size






no worries about wrong size, sim are 3-in-1 like this, the same sim will fit, just need to remove the frames around


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