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I need to transfer my koodo prepaid number to my new public line

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My koodo number is() . I want this number for my new puclic mobile number which is my new line ()



Really it's hit or miss.

But you should notice that the public mobile service will become fully functional within a few hours once the ticket has been submitted.

Once your Koodo prepaid service no longer works (presuming you still had some time left in the current cycle), then replace with the Public Mobile SIM card.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@HALIMACS  Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.


The reason porting from Koodo pre-paid to Public Mobile requires CSA assistance is that they share the same system.

This is because TELUS owns Koodo and Public Mobile and PM piggybacks on Koodo's pre-paid systems.

In effect, it's not the traditional 'port' which is occurring, rather just moving provider from Koodo to PM in their system.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you I contacted and removed the numbers. How long does it normally take?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Shaikh1  Please remove your phone numbers from this public post.  As @softech has posted contact support for porting from Koodo prepaid to PM.  For some reason there's something special that requires CS Agent to intervene in this port.  Contact them here, 2023-05-31 at 5.24.11 PM.png


@Shaikh1 for porting from Koodo Prepsid, since you have activated already, please submit ticket with support and ask them to help porting

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there

Mayor / Maire

@Shaikh1 , for privacy & security reasons please remove your phone number from your post! This is a  public/open forum that you’re posting on. Sorry. 

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