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I have no service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there, 


I have not had any service for 3 days. Please help em get service.


Mayor / Maire


Check to see if there is a Telus outage in your area: 


If you ported your number over to PM 3 days ago. Did you reply to the text confirming you are porting over to PM within a 90 minute window?

If you missed replying to the text, you need to contact a CS_Agent to restart the porting process.

Mayor / Maire

@taitaniahiguchi - can you provide more information so things can be narrowed down for troubleshooting?


If you had working services before this and your My Account is showing Active, try:

*turn off your phone, then reboot

*removing your SIM, then reinserting it

*go into airplane mode, then going back to regular mode

*perform a reset network settings on your device

*try your SIM card into another compatible phone for a few days to see if the issues are the same...this could rule out a device issue/setting.

*manually select the 3G / WCDMA ONLY network in your Mobile Connections area in your settings (temporarily) for dropping or unable to make incoming/outgoing calls


If Suspended, see @dabr's post.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi @taitaniahiguchi 

Login to your account what the state is showing is Active.

Mayor / Maire

@taitaniahiguchi   It could be due to an autopay failure in which case you need to login to your account (incognito/private mode) and Reactivate by making a manual payment.  Or purchase a voucher from SDM, London Drugs, 7/11 or Shell and add the funds by dialing 611 on your phone.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@taitaniahiguchi  Did you just post number over ? Activate ? Or did this just happen all of a sudden ?