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Can’t receive calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can’t receive calls


Mayor / Maire

Is that the best you can do, @Preston12 ?


That's like going to the doctor and saying, "it hurts here" (but not pointing anywhere)


Information is crucial.   


What are you doing, what have you done, are you new, are you a long-time customer, same phone, different phone, same SIM card, different SIM card.


Details please - we can't read minds (yet...)

Mayor / Maire


It sounds like porting your number to PM from another carrier was incomplete but can you confirm this?

Mayor / Maire

@Preston12 - the more info. you can provide and what you tried the better...without any personal info. as this is a public forum.

Mayor / Maire



did you just join PM with number porting?


  if you are new to PM and requested porting, did you reply YES to your old provider?  it could be a stuck port. I can message you a number to call and work if live support, but that only work if you requested PORTING.  Check your community inbox


if you are existing customer and incoming worked before, try reseat your sim card, try changing your phone's preferred network to 3G Only 



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Preston12  Did you just port your number over to PM or activate. SIM card ? 

edit for starters you can try to reboot the phone see if that helps