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I can't setup my voicemail access number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

On my device I can usually just hold down 1 and it will bring me to my voicemail, but since moving to public mobile I can't and anytime I try to set a voicemail access number in my settings it says "failed to read data". Is there a specific number I need to enter or do I need to some how get in contact with the moderators?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I just tried what you suggested and it still is giving the same error. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S24 and reside in the NWT if that changes anything?

Thank you,


Mayor / Maire

hi @J10C3G7 

please remove the tag to "moderator_team" , that is not really moderator but a normal user

for Voicmail, try to reboot the phone couple times and the VM button should be programmed by the system 

if not, go to Dialer-> Settings and find the voicemail access number and update it to 647-580-4001 or 778-580-4001  (or let us know what model of phone you have and we can walk you through)

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