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How to port a parked number (no former SIM #) to PM. Also, can't reset password!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I am a former PM customer who left Canada in 2021 and returned recently. While I was away, I transferred my # to a VOIP provider (openphone) and then eventually I parked it at NumberBarn. 


When requesting a port out from Number Barn, they told me to provide the following information to my new provider:


(I have redacted some of the info for privacy)


Carrier/Resp Org:NumberBarn LLC (NDB01/NDB99)
Account #:227****491
BTN:(877) 870-****
End User Name:ryan b***n
Auth Name:ryan b***n


I have a public mobile SIM (my old one), and i am trying to activate a new plan via:


But since my # is currently parked, I have no "former" SIM.


Note: Yes i am trying to port in a 1800 number and don't know if PM supports that, BUT i also have a regular 613 number that is parked at number barn and needs to be ported in anyway.


What to do? thanks in advamce.


Also, i can't seem to receive the password reset email for my "my account" or "community" login. I had to create this new community account with a burner email just to post. But i guess that's a support ticket issue.


Thank you,






First of all, welcome back. You will not be able to use your old SIM card.  You will need to purchase a new SIM card and activate a new account with a temporary PM phone number.  Then you can contact customer service agent to port your number from Number Barn.  I am uncertain if you can port a 1-800 number so ask the agent.  Since it is a VOIP service, it will take several days for the port to be completed (like a landline).