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How do I buy a phone, sim, PM on behalf of sibling in another city?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm trying to setup and pay for a new phone and service for a sibling in a different city.  To keep things simple I'll buy the phone from PM and I'll pay the monthly charges.

How do I do that?  (Help says that the SIM can only be delivered to the person paying.  How do I get it delivered to my sibling?)






Mayor / Maire

If you control the account and set up the plan and activate the SIM, you can put your credit card on to pay for it. 

Let sibling use phone ..... you control the cost and the account. Taxes are based on the province that the phone number belongs to. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for your input all.  You've been very helpful.

Great selection @darlicious !!


@emjaycee  wherever you buy , avoid Marketplace as much as possible (BestBuy MP, Walmart MP, Facebook MP, Ebay MP, etc), although not all of them, many from those marketplaces are problematic


Mayor / Maire


What's your budget?


You could order a Sim card from CCS (Canadian Cell Supplies) for $5.99. If you chat with the owner he might even give you the sim card # before he ships it. Average delivery time 5 business days via Canada Post ( depending on the weather)or $5 extra for express delivery.


Check out swiftronics and then see if they have the same phone on offer from amazon to get free shipping. If the delivery is outside of Ontario you pay gst only ( same goes for CCS).


Google pixel 3a $229.99


Google pixel 3a xl $274.99




Open box Google pixel 4 $229.99 (Great deal!)


Open box Google pixel 4a $309.99


Open box Google pixel 4xl $349.99

Mayor / Maire

HI @emjaycee   you have Paypal?  you can buy CPO using paypal and paypal allows you to ship to alternate address

Mayor / Maire

@emjaycee it could take long for PM to shop phones or sim card.  Phone orders usually filled within 2 weeks,


Maybe you can buy a phone elsewhere and ship it to your silbings.

For sim card, buy it from Amazon


Once your sibling got both phones and sim card, you can help him to activate online at   You just need to ask your sibling to send you the sim card number