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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm not recieving incoming calls


Mayor / Maire


If you just ported your old number over to PM. You are required to reply to the text with your old SIM in your phone within the 90 minute window. If you missed replying then you need to contact a CS_Agent to restart the porting process.

If you are not new to PM, reboot your phone by powering off the phone then power back on.

Mayor / Maire

@ShannonC - any more information you can provide so others can perhaps help (if not already provided with existing members responses already)?


If this was not a port over to public mobile other things to try:


  • check that you do not have any contacts blocked in the calling app of your phone
  • also confirm you are accepting all calls and not just contacts in your contact list, this also will be in the calling app settings
  • remove your SIM card and try it in another device to see if incoming calls work
  • if they work in another phone, insert your SIM back into your phone...if still issues, perform a reset of the network settings on your phone


@ShannonC   start with reboot your phone


if not work, try to change your Preferred network to 3G Only and see 

If still does not work, try to reseat your sim card, power down the phone, take sim out for a minute before putting it back and power up

If you have another phone around, better to try your sim card there


Also, try your service in another area just in case it is a local network issue


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Did you just switch from another carrier?  If so you will need to ask Public Mobile to reset their network settings.  After, Public Mobile will send you a SMS text, asking you to type in "YES".  Then restart your phone and it should be working.  Go here first and ask SIMon, the chatbot, what your problem is.  Then after they will send you a ticket that is linked to a technician who will email you back to resolve your issue.  Here is the link:

Mayor / Maire

@ShannonC   Try rebooting or toggling airplane mode on/off first. 


Did you recently transfer a number from another carrier?  Perhaps, the porting is incomplete and it can take upto couple of hours to finish, otherwise if you forgot to respond to the transfer text request from your previous provider within 90 minutes window (old SIM needs to be in phone) with a YES, then you can call the Telus porting # which I will private message (check message box top right) and you can call them to have the transfer text be resubmitted.  The old account also needs to be active for the port to complete.

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