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Having a Public number active when overseas

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


It is becoming a standard practice for the various Canadian banks and other businesses to require us to receive an SMS in a Canadian cell number to verify our identity and send us a code to login online after.


To the best of my knowledge (from various trips overseas) my Public cell number only works in Canada (and perhaps in the US), which becomes a problem when having to validate my identity when away for several weeks.


Is this something that can be changed?

I know Freedom, which offers similar plans to Public, has cell numbers active overseas (able to receive a text).


It would be great to have an active Canadian cell number when I travel outside of Canada/US.

Thank you!


Mayor / Maire

@nmora hi the only thing I can suggest is to call your bank while here in Canada and ask for an alternative while you are out of country 



Since Public mobile is a tier 3 mobile company, international roaming likely won't be happening anytime soon.


Public mobile does not have other features like voLTE, Wifi calling, etc. 

Low cost, no frills mobile company

Mayor / Maire


Unfortunately, PM does not have service outside of Canada and USA for texting. You will need to move up to mid or upper tier service to get this option.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@nmora  From Canada service.. roaming in the us thru unreliable addon.. no other service is possible