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Emergency Alert Notification refuse to disappear on Z2335L

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Not expecting anyone to provide a solution.  As I have not accepted any answer as the solution to a majority of questions I posted in this community.


Basically, I received emergency alerts on my phone like Amber alerts or extreme weather alerts; however, the last time I received such notice, one of the notification fails to disappear completely after numerous attempt of me indicating to my phone that I already received and read the notice and the alert is no longer relevant and outdated.  I have not done a factory reset.


Perhaps if another emergency alert is sent out then the unwanted display will disappear when I clear the new emergency alert.


My opinion about the default emergency alert can be a long thread on its own so I'll keep it to myself.




do you have this option?

 go to messages, press options, press emergency alerts, select options again, and select delete broadcasts


If not, since it is a flip phone, maybe you make sure you backup all your contacts (move them to sim card or write them down 😞  )  , then try to factory reset


Mayor / Maire

So... is the last alert STILL displaying on your device?


That, indeed, is odd @Itsmynumber .   It must be a device setting as I don't believe this impacts others similarly.

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