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Does my 10% points offer transfer to my new plan?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

During last year’s Black friday, I got the $34/3GB plan + 12GB bonus with an extra 10% in points every month for a year and it’s expiring at the end of december. I’m thinking of switching to the 5G plans but was wondering if the 10% offer would carry over.




Mayor / Maire


I would suggest you wait for another month. The promo offer is attached to your existing plan.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hello @Amirsalut 

The extra 10% discount may have been a promotional feature unique to that plan. The current plans might have specific point-earnings which are positioned at 5% of the cost of the plan. Considering that you only have 1 month left until the end of the 10% points promotion, if you find a plan too good to refuse, it isn't a bad idea to switch. Otherwise, you can always wait until Boxing day to see if Public Mobile has better offers and that will allow you to see through your entire 10% points promotion. 

Mayor / Maire

You would need to double check the terms and agreement of that previous offer to verify what it says about changes prior to the expiry. From my own previous experience, offers are voided upon a change and do not carry over.

But since you only have a few weeks left, if a new offer is available that will save you  more money now for another year, why not change now. 

Mayor / Maire


nope...if you change your plan before the promo offer lose the promo offer.

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