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Changing subscription plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Im currently paying $35 per month, (turns out my rewards that gave me a $5 discount each month is apparently no longer applied with the new points system) so now Im back to paying $40 including taxes.  

This is my present plan: 3GB at 3G Speed, 30-day plan, Unlimited Canada-wide Talk, Unlimited International Text

However theres a limited time offer for $34 per mth, which has 50GB at 5GB speed.  Sounds better, but will I loose any promos that I collected and haven't used up yet, eg international calling?

This is what I read in below in the 'fine print': *Limited time offer. This promotion is not stackable with other in-market offers or other promo codes. This offer is subject to change without notice. Taxes are extra.

Anyone know what it means by 'This promotion is not stackable'?  Do I loose my unused promos if I change my subscription plan?



@EB0 wrote:

You may not be able to use any free data add-on from previous years as it’s not compatible with 5G plans.

 It's the 5g plans that didn't include US long distance and diddn't have US roaming that the More is Merrier add-ons wouldn't work with.  Paid domestic data-ons don't work either.

When it comes to the data that was given near the time that customers were forced over the points system, these sometimes do work on 5g plans with unlimited data.  Officailly, they're always suppsoed to work (this is the information that Public Mobile provided to the oracles), but it some cases, they have become incompatible on some customers who have 5g plans with unlimited data.  I say some, because early on, I saw an account with a $40 5g unlimited data plan and the 240GB bonus was listed as fully compatible, but tthis was at a time when I saw screenshots from some other accounts that listed it as incompatible.  More recently, I was looking into a friend's account and her $34 5g plan with unlimited data also showed a working 240GB data add-on.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Im not convinced I will be able to keep my promos, after reading the disclaimer before confirming the new plan subscription:

Your new subscription will take effect on your next renewal date and you won’t be charged until then. This change replaces any other future-dated plan changes. After changing your plan, your current promotions will no longer be valid.

Additionally, data add-ons associated with your current subscription may become incompatible if you change your subscription.

Promos added will only be applicable upon subscription renewal.


@EB0 wrote:

You may not be able to use any free data add-on from previous years as it’s not compatible with 5G plans.



HI @EB0 the $34 plan is a Canada-US plan so there is no unlimited data.  @jozclouston does not have to worry about incompatible addon

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

You may not be able to use any free data add-on from previous years as it’s not compatible with 5G plans.



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


you won't lose any addon from before.  But you are changing to plan that is $1 less, there is likihood that you will lose that  loyalty data bonus you just got 2 months ago

make sure you use Change on Renewal to make change

Mayor / Maire


You shouldn't lose any promotional data nor calling/long-distance add ons. (the only promo's which are subject to being 'lost' are those which are specifically tied to an activation plan when one first activates)

When you plan the switch, make sure to do so on your NEXT renewal as there's no prorating or refunds for partial cycles when making immediate plan changes.

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