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Data usage

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I m on $39 20GB plan and ran out of my data today (within 20 days). I m very light data user and never go over 5gig in the past 5 years since I was with Fido.

I just logged into my account and noticed, every morning between 12am - 1230am It showing me usage of around 1gig everyday. And at that time, Im home and sleeping and not using my phone and it's connected to WiFi.

Does anyone else. notice this as well ? The reason Im asking because I don't think PM data reports are real. And as you may know data addons are overpriced, best I can get is 4GB for 40 bucks.

Anyways, do you see anything similar in  your data report  as well ?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It appears that the data usage on the website is correct.  I don't know why I receive the SMS saying that I used 95% of the data


Just in case any browser cache problem, please login My Account 8domg Incognito mode and check.  The usage on the Overview tab is what you should follow

if the usage showing  there does not make sense, please check with PM support by direct message:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have similar issue too.  This morning, i received a text saying that I have used 95% of the data included in my plan, but when I logged in online, I have only used about 33% and today I barely used any data.  So, what's wrong here?  Which is more reliable: the data usage info online or the SMS text message?

@Rupert2 wrote:

I have a 40GB plan and according to my daily usage log I have Just 24GB but my account says I am used all 40 GB and am out of data.  What can Ido to complain/query.

Is data still working? Did you receive text alerts that you were nearing (or reached) your data limit? Login to your account via an Incognito/Private browser window to double-check. The website is bad about displaying cached data.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a 40GB plan and according to my daily usage log I have Just 24GB but my account says I am used all 40 GB and am out of data.  What can Ido to complain/query.

Not applicable

@mj0 Hi, would you care to share what phone you have? If it happens to be an iPhone, check that Wi-Fi Assist is not turned on under your Settings > Cellular (scroll to the bottom) settings. It could be that your device is having difficulty hanging on to a strong wifi signal and it is resorting to cellular data to compensate - perhaps automatic updates in the middle of the night?

I always had this setting off, however, following recent updates (iOS 17), a lot of privacy settings and Wi-Fi Assist reset to default.

Mayor / Maire

@mj0 Are you legit out of data, or are you maybe looking at a cached summary page of your account usage? I.e. is your phone data not working and you received the SMS messages telling you your data was fully depleted?

If you have an Android phone you can look at data usage by app on your phone.

@mj0 So auto-updates are off (for both OS and apps?) but did you check the data usage by app in the phone settings?  1GB a day is indeed a lot if you only used 5GB a month before.  There may be a "rogue" app using data but you'd need to look at the individual cellular usage by app in settings to find it and set any offending apps to use wifi only.  If at some point you do need to use such an app on data when wifi isn't available the phone will ask you for permission if the app is set to wifi only.

Then you are using more than you think or there's an app still running while you sleep that's using data. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Auto updates are already turn off for me and unfortunate can't turn on the airplane it might miss any important call.

Mayor / Maire

@mj0  I haven't seen anything similar, the PM usage matches the phone's usage pretty well.  Have you checked the individual apps' usage in the phone settings?   I just turn data off at night.  Before I had the plan with more than enough data I would always have cellular data turned off except when I was out of wifi range.  I don't do airplane mode at night as then nobody would be able to contact me in an emergency.  

If you're sure something is wrong you can private message customer service via this link 



PM does not update the data usage constantly.  In fact, it only update it twice a day. 

So, any entry you see is just a total usage between that timestamp and the timestamp of the previous entry.  The early morning usage  you see on the Usage log does not mean it was used in the morning but a total usage for the last 12 hours.

Also, for correct usage reading, always use Incognito mode to login My Account to avoid reading cached old info


Mayor / Maire

Hi @mj0 

Data usage is updated twice a day and usually over night. It sounds like you have something auto updating or your not closing apps that are continuously using data. Checked your app store and turn off auto updates. IMO before you go to bed every night, turn on airplane mode so data isn't used. 

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