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Data not working has my sim still not activated?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I transferred to Public Mobile on Monday 11/27 and ported my number from FIDO.

I got an email saying it was activated, and have waited since then for the changes to take affect.

As it stands, my FIDO sim still works but when I switch to PM sim I have 0 data but calls/texts work.

Should FIDO not have been cancelled by now - and why is my data not working? Has the process still not completed?

Not sure why this is still not working after nearly 48hours. As it stands I have to pay for both phone providers. Can someone look into this? 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks @hairbag1 @hTideGnow @Andy85 for pointing me in the right direction, has been a huge help!

My number has ported, but data is not active yet on my PM simcard. It ported over maybe 15 hours ago.

Should it be working already or do I need to give it more time?

@hairbag1 wrote:


I've sent you a number for port assistance..check the little envelop icon on top right side of page.

Data not working isn't a number porting issue.  While they would be able to address reasons for the Fido account still working if it hasn't ported over, they won't be able to fix the Public Mobile data.  If there's a Public Mobile account issue (assuming that this isn't just a device setting issue), the customer would need to contact a Public Mobile customer support agent regardless, the customer might as well just do that one step (instead of two sepearte steps).

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @Ryan22,

Did you get a text message from Fido to confirm that you wanted to port out? What was the last step that happened in your activation process?

It is possible that your porting process is stuff and it can be retriggered by phoning the porting team. That being said, if the Porting team cannot assist further, you might need to submit a ticket to customer service to resolve the issue. You can do so by using the following link:

Please be sure to explain the issue to them. They will respond to you in you community inbox to check it from time to time.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Ryan22 

Fido sim still works show porting was not done.  Check with PM porting support team and confirm.   I will send you the number to PM Porting support team  Please check your community inbox

With data, even your porting not done yet, it should work.  What phone is what? Try click Reset all networks and it might fix the issue

Mayor / Maire


I've sent you a number for port assistance..check the little envelop icon on top right side of page.

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