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Cost of international roaming in china

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Any idea what’s the roaming cost in China, going to be stay in China for one year for job reason. Considering if I need to pause my account to keep my number or cancel subscription. Also want to know if there’s any good roaming plan?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Sounds great, will try it! 

Mayor / Maire


Definitely get a local pre-paid SIM while overseas.   PM only works in Canada and US with appropriate plan additions.

As far as whether you want to keep your number, that all depends on how attached you are to it.  To retain the number for the year, do the following:

  1. switch down to the $15 plan and remove the auto-subscription status so any auto-payment doesn't take effect on renewal dates
  2. when the plan ends after 30 days, it'll go into suspension for UP TO 90 days.
  3. on day 87 or 88 of the suspension period (log in to find out when it's due), resume services with the $15 plan
  4. rinse, repeat the above steps until you return
  5. doing the above will cost you only about $45 to keep your number for 1 full year

Mayor / Maire

@Yanyu_zou  Sorry PM won’t work in china just Canada and the U.S. with roaming . Your best to bet local prepaid SIM card in china for your visit 

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