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Community Rewards + New Promo Code

Mayor / Maire

Anyway Anyone else have their CR credited to their account balance before renewal date?  My Account shows a credit for CR today which wasn't there yesterday but normally it doesn't get added to the account balance until renewal.


On another note, couple of days ago I received a promo email from PM for $5 off on plans $40+ for 12 months for new activations but haven't seen that being mentioned anywhere else yet. 


So a heads up for anyone activating a new account to try out this promo code 50FF12MTH


@wetcoaster   For now I still see incorrect pending CR and RAF rewards, but will see if it gets corrected next week after my renewal as it sounds like, from your post, the glitch might be fixed after another renewal.. 


Yes, community rewards are zeroed out now (If also seen the random numbers you describe), but RAF are showing still/again the higher amount (I know that two of my RAF are suspended, so it should be -2).

@wetcoaster   Yes, unfortunately, there's been a glitch impacting rewards since the middle of Jan.  I also noticed my  CR awarded for Dec. suddenly changed during mid Jan. to an incorrect amount and stayed there until my renewal in early Feb. when the correct amount (alas 😊) was applied against the bill.   At the same time CR never went back to zero after renewal and instead stayed at the Dec. award until Jan. CR were posted recently and, instead of replacing the Dec. amount, it seems that amount got added to the previous CR and, again, it's been showing incorrect amount for upcoming bill even though the correct amount has already been added to the account balance.  The RAF credit is also incorrect but I expect the correct amount will be applied to my renewal in March.


I don't think anyone else besides you has mentioned this, so thanks for updating and confirming this latest glitch.

Just a follow up after renewal night:

In my case $ rewards were applied correctly - as in no (extra) community rewards and up-to-date RAF.

So, all adjusted to reality vs all the implied bonus $ in the account payment section yesterday evening (I'd have ended up with a credit for the first time ever here... 😉 )

Mayor / Maire

Thanks for the post @dabr .


Very curious indeed. I'll have to have an eye on what is happening at renewal on Tuesday night. So far it looks too good to be true...

@fujiyama   Yes, there's a discrepancy between the CR amount posted to the account balance and what appears under Upcoming Bill with the latter one being erroneous for more than a couple of weeks now.  Maybe once the badges are posted we'll get a clearer idea of which one is correct or not..

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Thanks for making this thread @dabr, I checked and also see a CR credit to my balance but it doesn't match what My Rewards has been showing since the start of this month. The CR in My Rewards also changed now lol. Renewal is in a few days so I'll just wait and hope the numbers fix themselves.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@dabr  I sure hope so I’ve been busy trying to get at least just one of those for screen shot too …. Then I can scratch that off my bucket list .

Mayor / Maire

@dabr - something broke for January CR, so I suspect badges may be affected too. But who knows?

Mayor / Maire

@Handy1   Great!   And you've just confirmed @hTideGnow question in the Lounge thread, that Public Points customers also received it as an account credit.


edit:  Lol...I'm sure the badges will be awarded sometime soon, although there have been past months when they went MIA and some month badges were never posted.

Mayor / Maire

@esjliv   Your CR definitely sounds messed up and yeah I would keep pestering CSA's until it's fixed. 


Re:  Promo Code, not sure if it's targeted but more than possible, however, it's for new account acitvations only, so don't understand the need for targeting?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@dabr  Thanks for that just checked I got mine as account credit too sure hope I get my lil gold badge too but either way I got a screen of it for bragging rights LOL 

Mayor / Maire

@dabr - interesting. My January rewards were incorrect, at least that is how I presented it to more than one CSA with screenshots and stuff. Now I see the value I was expecting, but it is added onto another small amount ($1), definitely something went awry for January (at least for me).

Some others did not notice an issue though, as they reported.


I did not notice an email with that offer. Was it targeted, I wonder? Thanks for the code, just in case. 😀

HI@dabr   I don't think it is a new procedure.  I think it is more we didn't get the Jan rewards on our My Rewards on the 5th/6th/7th of the month.  Look like there was problem with that part of the process, and PM decided to just add it manually to our account's Available Fund

@hTideGnow   I just don't remember the CR ever being added to the account balance before the actual renewal date but it would normally show up prior as CR under Upcoming Bill?  


Maybe PM has decided to add it as an account credit immediately upon awarding it..


edit:  Having said that, the rewards appearing under Upcoming Bill for CR is still showing an incorrect amount and is not the same as what's been

Mayor / Maire

HI @dabr   Yes, I have that.. but my renewal passed, so, the deposit to my account makes sense