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Clear and BINDING information regarding switching to a NEW PLAN, while being a legacy reward client

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been a public mobile client for about a decade and as such, signed up under the LEGACY REWARD SYSTEM:
Hence, I presently receive (monthly):

- $2 in auto-payment rewards

-$5 in loyalty rewards (both on a $40, 15GB/4G plan).

I only use about 5GB of data a month, but am considering SWITCHING to one of the recently offered plans, either:  (30GB, 5G speed for $40/month), OR    (3x 20GB, 4G speeds, for prorated $34 per months, as long as I choose a 3 months subscription/payment cycle).

Here is my question: Both these plans mention $2, or $1.95 in PUBLIC POINTS. 

Compared to my current rewards, the new public points system sucks., I hence do NOT EVER want to willingly switch or be tricked/ coerced into switching to the NEW public points system, from my legacy rewards, which amount to $7 per month. Should that ever  happen, I would very likely switch to another carrier, largely on principle.
I therefore would like to DEFINITIVELY/BINDINGLY know if my switching to a NEW PLAN would require me to, or have public mobile ASSuME that I switched to the public points system.

Can an actual Public Mobile representative, clearly answer my question above, and if needed, provide me with the steps needed to ensure that I can switch to any of these plans AND retain my legacy rewards profile?
This question is asking for clarification on the assumed legal terms of my contract, hence I believe it to be Public Mobile's responsibility to clearly state/describe these terms - some similar postings on this subject suggest to me that some users may have been given misleading information on this subject, and permanently lost their favourable LEGACY Rewards.

Looking forward to a detailed, competent answer. Cheers - B.
P.S.: On the above 3month billing cycle option, could you please also clearly explain, how/when, if my current $7 monthly rewards were to persist, these would be applied  to my subscription, and confirm that my 3 months cumulative reward would still amount to 3x7 =$21.



You will not get a "clear and binding" answer from Public Mobile on this particular point.

However I can tell you with certainty that two of my plans that I help with moved from the $15 plan to the $39 plan and although there were advertisements for point values they retained their legacy reward system.

The reason Public Mobile advertises this is they want members to switch to public points because it saves them money, which costs all of us in savings.

So just don't, ever, opt into public points.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for noticing and pointing this out to me.

Mayor / Maire

That first plan you referenced isn't available to existing customers, unfortunately.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm in the same boat and interested in replies.
Got this from the chatbot:

Switching your subscription won't affect your rewards


You'll receive your Reward credits within 24 hours after paying for the new subscription if you switched prior to your renewal date. Rewards will continue to be applied as usual.


Note: This applies to Reward credits only, not points

Mayor / Maire

First of all, it would be extremely unlikely that an employee with definitive answers to these questions would reply here just because you wrote the questions.

You have to knowingly, willingly click through several buttons to finally end up on points. Never click anything that says join. Some claim their mistake. No, it's several buttons to get there. There is no mistaking this. The company currently will not shove you over to points just because. Of course the company can do anything they like any time they like. As always.

All us fellow customers can say is our own experience. Many people have changed plans and kept the old rewards going.

There doesn't seem to be much written here on the site mentioning the move to points. It only says that points happen with new sign ups or those that opt in. As mentioned, opting in means clicking several buttons.

There was initial confusing wording when it was first introduced that caused people to misunderstand and went ahead and opted in to points. It's a one way street though.

Points aren't part of any of the plans. Changing plans doesn't change you to points.  As for taking a 90-day plan, loyalty and refer-a-friend rewards will be paid every 30 days.  Autopay's reward will get paid out in the amount of $6 once per the 90 days.

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