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Cell Phone Compatability

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My 2017/2018 LG - M703 Q6 Android 8.1.0 cellphone shows "Preferred Network Mode: GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto with a checked circle; and Network: Public Mobile; and Mobile Network Type: LTE". Now digging around suggests that GSM and WCDMA are 2G or 3G network oriented and that they are shut down in the USA and may be shut down or shutting down here in Canada. That leaves the LTE designation for my cell as possibly functional. LTE information shows a possible target speed of 100Mbps (max?) but it apparently started at about 12.5 Mbps(actual) and is now around 55.5 Mbps(actual). 4G is represented as 1000Mbps stationary (target) with 100 Mbps minimum in motion (target). Public Moblie is suggesting an upgrade of my plan to get to "4G data speeds". Question 1 - is my cell actually compatible with the suggested upgrade, is there value for cost here?  It is suggested that I first upgrade to a plan that has "Data at 4G speeds" and then purchase a roaming package for the USA for an impending trip.There are, as I understand it, only true 4G (some 5G?) networks operating in the USA. The 4G data speed issue and my LTE cellphone arise once again. Question 2 - even with an upgrade to my PM plan and a roaming package, will my LTE cell actually work in the USA? Do I need a true 4G* or 5G* cellphone to get service in the USA? (*- I see some data that suggests that there may be cells set up for LTE A( Advanced) or LTE Advanced Pro or LTE+ or 4G+ that are very close to or within true 4G capability/requirements).


Mayor / Maire

1. You don't need to upgrade the plan. Support is misleading you. Your phone is compatible with this place and roaming with T-Mobile.
2. Your phone will work fine for text and data with roaming add-ons. Indeed talk is where the problem is. See #1 about the plan change idea. You may very well be visiting a place with fine 2G for talk. Or not.

Mayor / Maire


if you plan on going to US for some time, I'd suggest you get a local sim and a cheap plan.

Your PM add-on has talk but it's very unreliable. It doesn't connect to 4G or LTE in connects only to 2G for talk...(where available)

Text and data work's just talk that is problematic. Works sorta ok in big city, but gets worse the further from town you get.



Important: Important: As of February 22nd, 2022, United States (U.S.) carriers have started turning down certain 3G/HSPA networks. As a result, customers using U.S. roaming add-ons will be impacted by differences in coverage or service quality (including 9-1-1 calls) when roaming in the U.S.

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Phone / check for use on pm

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