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Cannot Create Wifi Hotspot with my phone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The support articles on the Public website have been of no help. Also the options that are in the community are not available on my phone (greyed out) for changing the APN. I'm on an Apple SE original so older but still functioning well for everything but this.

The frustrating thing is that when I try to create a hotspot it says "contact public mobile". Well after 30 minutes of going around in circles with the infuriating chat bot here I am in the community hoping to find out how to solve this problem. Both my husband (Apple XR) and daughter (Samsung S20) have absolutely no issues creating hotspots.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I finally figured it out on my own! The APN settings were not correct. 
For anyone interested, I changed APN to, deleted username and left blank, deleted password and left that blank too. 
Also, phone is first generation SE. 

Mayor / Maire

@Gnush32   This is the first generation SE?  A few people have reported this problem with iPhones before but I don't recall that anyone posted back with a solution.  It seems to occasionally be a thing with iPhones for some reason.  Apple makes some suggestions here: 

I had no problem setting up a hotspot on my iPhone 13.  If you try everything on the Apple support page in the link then you could try contacting Apple.  They might say contact the carrier (and from past experience with another carrier the carrier will probably say contact Apple)!  

If you want to try PM support again then try the chat icon bottom right of this page, I think it works best if you tell it you want to submit a ticket.  If it still won't help then send a private message to support using this link 



PM does not block hotspot, it is more a device setup problem 

what phone do you have ?? Android?

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