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Cancellation and refund of new account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I created a new Public Mobile account online with the intention of porting my number over from Koodo. I paid for the SIM card to be shipped to me and also subscribed to the $34-40GB BF plan online. I have already been charged this amount.

It has been more than 15 days and I haven't received the SIM card. I would like a cancellation of the account now as I am no longer interested in Public Mobile. I have already ported to another provider in the mean time.

Please cancel my subscription and refund all the charges.

Thank you,



Mayor / Maire

You can ask agent for SIM replacement if it is lost in the mail but PM will not issue you any refund for service as it is pre-paid service. PM might (just might) issue you a credit if you purchase physical SIM at one of Telus/Koodo retail stores.

Mayor / Maire


Please check your CC statement to see if the charges are pending and not posted.

If you is pending, you won’t be charged until you activate the SIM.

Also, members have reported that it took 3 weeks to arrive.

PM is a prepaid service with no refund but contact a CS_Agent.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for the responses @handi and @hTideGnow . I've opened two tickets but no response so far. One of them is 345143-852. @CS_Agent I am no longer interested and would like a cancellation without activation.

Mayor / Maire

@JayanthiKM  Note when you do get the SIM card you need the app to activate also 

SIM. Card can take up to 3 weeks to arrive .if you need one sooner try calling local Telus Koodo stores for in person pick up or order from Amazon .otherwise reach out to support for a status up date for when it shipped and when you can expect it . Or if you can get a credit for buying a new SIM card .message support directly while your already here and logged in the community you can send a  private message   To CS_Agents click          

VVVVV      Link below    VVVVV


Mayor / Maire

HI @JayanthiKM 

check with agent first,   please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:

They can either help to cnacel, or they might agree to reimburse you the sim card cost if you are willing to buy the sim card from Telus Koodo store in person

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