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Can't receive texts from iPhones

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I just switched to Public Mobile the other day. I've noticed that I am unable to receive texts from iPhones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. I've had it since August and everything worked fine on my previous provider. I can get texts from other Androids, I can send and receive calls from iPhones, and I can send texts to iPhones, data works fine too...I just can't receive texts from iPhones. I could get texts fine before I switched to PM (same phone). My phone number ported through completely (this was verified by a moderator). This isn't an iMessage issue, I was getting texts fine before I switched to PM and the texts that are being sent are regular texts and not iMessages. I don't know what it could be.


@benmcinnes4 wrote:

Thanks for the offer but my girlfriend is helping me with that. I really want to enjoy PM but it's just a challenge to talk with a moderator when you have to wait a day for a reply. I wish there was an instant messaging option.

Have you attempted my option of a different text messaging app?  This has been a resolution for others with similar issues, and in some of the cases, it's fixed the original app when they switched back.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@benmcinnes4 wrote:

I am unable to receive texts from iPhones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9.

In your self-serve portal under Plan and Add-Ons --> Usage History, are you able to confirm that you're seeing "Incoming text" events corresponding to messages sent from the iPhone(s)?  For SMS, these should show up in real-time, even if your receiving phone is off or in airplane mode at the time.  This check is simply to confirm that receipt of the message as an SMS has occurred into the PM network.


Once that's been confirmed, then it may well be the handling of the SMS by the phone, which hopefully others can help with.