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Can't add money to my account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had my account on hold since April as I wasn't able to find my device.Now I found my device but my account is Suspended and I am not able to pay. Please help.


Excellent. If you're still here then can you clarify that you were NOT able to pay while lost/stolen and that when you resume'd you were able to pay? If so then that's good to know.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for your help!!

Mayor / Maire

Did your account get suspended due to no pay or you manually suspended it?

As long as you can log in to your account you should be able to add Other amount. Then manually restart service.

Mayor / Maire

Are you able to login? What recording do you get when you dial 611? Do you remember if you left a balance on the account?

I would be quite sure that payments can be made while suspended whether self or non-payment. But maybe softech knows better.


@Shaw   What was the error message?


You didn't put your account on Lost/Stolen, right?  If you did , you have to reverse it first before you can pay.  You go to go back to Lost/Stolen page and Resume service.


For payment, give it once more try using "Other (Enter the desired payment amount)" and then manually enter the plan amount .  This usually work better than "Amount Due"


If that work and you are able to pay, then click the button Reactivate current plan if the button is around.

Then logoff My Account and reboot your phone

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