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Can't Block Annoying Spammer - Android 10

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


This isn't really a Public Mobility problem, at least I don't think so.  


I am receiving 2 text messages every day from  I've never opened one of them. Strange, but during my entire time with Public Mobility, I've never received any other suspicious looking texts. These latest ones are the only ones. Been going on for about a month.  


While the o/s (Android 10) will allow me to delete these text messages, the button for 'BLOCK' is grayed out and does not function.  


I'm on the PM's most economical plan--$15/month, texts and phone calls only, no data. I do have some data banked, however, and during a trip to Toronto in August, I did use some of the data. I'm suspecting there may be some connection between these spam texts and my brief use of data while in Toronto. 


Wondering if any of our resident experts here, might have a suggestion or two to offer which would allow me to block this invader? 


Any tips or insight much appreciated.  


To end on a upbeat note, I'll soon be starting my 3rd year with Public Mobility and the occasional interactions with the Community, and absolutely everything--account setup, communications, rewards, free data deals,phone and text connectivity, and most especially, you golden folks in the Community, have all performed flawlessly. Nary a single glitch. Nada. Nil. Flawless! 



@bashley What brand of phone you had?


Yes, Google Message is generally more powerful than native one.  Even Samsung is shifting over to Google Message

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I ended up downloading Google Messages, adding the spammer to my contacts, then blocking it. So far it seems to have worked. I couldn't do this with the Android native app for text messaging. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks for the responses, everyone.  To answer @HALIMACS the BLOCK option does appear as a button, but it is grayed out, does not function.


I'll check out some of the links as suggested by @softech,  @CountyDownIeUk 


Thanks for the tips!

@popping- You can send a text to an email and you can send an email to a text.

Email to text:

It will arrive in the phone looking like it came from +19999999999.


It will arrive as an mms looking like it came from the email address.


Text to email:

type in email address

It becomes an MMS.

It arrives looking like the mms option above.


I must say I'm surprised an oracle would not have known about this as this has been mentioned here over the years.


Thank you for the link.  Learn a new thing today.  I do not know there is such a thing called "Text from email address"


The sender must know the cell # of the receiver as the SMS message is piggyback on the cellphone voice channel.  This will be handy if I use all 50 outgoing text messages on my 50/50 plan.  But I have not run out of outgoing text messages since I activated my PM plan over 3 years ago as I use Signal to send message between friends and family.

Mayor / Maire


Mayor / Maire



can you add this to your contact and then block the contact?


Something like what advised here:


Mayor / Maire

So, on the message thread, @bashley , when you click the small three buttons upper right, the menu options don't provide a "Block" option there?