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Can I put my current plan on pause while I go travel for 3 months or so I have to downgrade it?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there, I’m going travelling for 3 months and I’ve got a plan with bonus data that I’d like to keep. I won’t be able to use it during my travels so I’m wondering if there is a way to pause it and restart the same plan when I’m without having to downgrade my current plan. Thanks


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Brooksmash2008 @Yes login into your self serve and go to payment tab and disable auto pay 

Mayor / Maire

@Brooksmash2008 you can. adjust doable Pre-authorized Payments on your My account.  You account will then be suspended on the next renewal day.  Make note of that date. You have only 90 days to come back and resume the service.  In fact, I suggest you to come back and My account and resume the service no later than 85th day, and make sure the account shows Active.  Give yourself the couple extra days just in case something goes wrong 

Mayor / Maire

.......(further to darlicious) so you can plan on that depending on when your plan expires. If your plan expires a couple weeks into your away time then you come back in say 10 weeks then you can just manually pay to reactivate. You're inside the 90 days of suspension.

Mayor / Maire

@Brooksmash2008 yes you can.

You can suspend your account or list it in lost/stolen and you will not get charged upon next renewal.


You must reactivate with 90 days though or you lose you number and account.

Mayor / Maire

@Brooksmash2008   Yes you can by disabling pre-autorized payment or asking customer support to remove the payment card and the account will suspend at the following payment due date and you will have 90 days from then to come back and top up the account to keep the number/account from being deactivated.  It's recommended to top up around day 86ish to allow for payments problems to be dealt with.

Mayor / Maire


Absolutely. You can suspend your account for up to 89/90 days before needing to reactivate.



Here are your options:


  1. You can turn off autopay and allow the account to suspend at the of your current 30 day cycle but this is your least advantageous option. Pay and reactivate by day 85 or so.
  2. If you have an account balance that exceeds your plan amount then you need to suspend via the lost/stolen feature in your account before midnight eastern on the evening of your renewal. Then on day 85 or so resume your service to pay and reactivate.
  3. Suspending via lost/stolen before midnight eastern will keep your voicemail active allowing you retrieve voicemail and any verification sent by phone calls. However your rewards will not be applied to your account. CSA contact after paying and reactivating is necessary to have the rewards applied manually.
  4. Voicemail can be accessed by calling your pm number from a different phone by calling your phone # and pressing * once connected and entering your 4 digit voicemail pin #.
  5. If you don't have an account balance or enough balance to cover your plan amount you can suspend via lost/stolen after midnight but before 2 am eastern on the day of your renewal. Once your rewards have been applied (usually by 12:15 am et) then suspend your account. Voicemail access will be lost.
  6. Switching to the $15 plan with rewards helping to cover a partial or full amount of your plan allows you to call forward your pm number to your voip number like textnow before you leave Canada.. Now any incoming calling to your pm number will ring thru to your voip number while on wifi or mobile data (w/a local or global sim card) You can access your voip provider voicemail for all voicemail messages.

Most important mark on your calendar day 85 of your suspension and day 90. Do not forget when you must unsuspend your account via lost/stolen and/or pay and reactivate your service so you don't lose your phone number and account. Happy travels!