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Can I activate a $15 plan and use it with an Apple watch via esim?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm stacking a couple of ideas here.  Please check them for me before I sign up for an account:

- Public supports esim now, right?

- The $15 plan can use esim, right?

- A few Bell Mobility guys were telling me the IEMI of a watch is different from the IEMI of a phone and that this idea would not work with their cheap plans.

Basically I'm trying to avoid having to move to a company like Bell to get a watch plan with it's own phone number

Don't want to drag this topic into a discussion of competitor products, but any ideas welcome if my idea won't work.  


Canadian providers are so greasy with these restrictions


Well there you go. Nice finds. I am corrected in my understanding. Still needs another phone and account but at least they can operate standalone.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


The watch I bought says its LTE and costs more than the "regular" one...  But Im finding out that its maybe not as simple as "The watch is a tiny cell phone". 

It may be that apple added functionality that requires the providers to make costly upgrades to support the watch as a standalone device.  Thats the story Im getting from the likes of Bell who say they can offer a plan that gives the watch its own phone number that is different from the iPhone its paired to.

Then you have providers like Freedom whose $10 watch plan apparently shares the phone number of the iPhone.   Trouble with Bell is I need to have another mobile service with them to add the watch plan to.  They won't do it as a standalone (actually I know someone who got this for their kid's watch but the reps I talk to won't do it for me)

OTOH, maybe the watch is just a phone and the providers are terrified that me and everyone else will buy a $10 watch plan with 1 gig of data and just use it on our phones.  What a world that would be...


Not trying to advertise for them, but this is the page that explains it:


Since my original post, I see Telus offers it too:


Totally agree 

Mayor / Maire

Here's how I think I understand the use of an Apple Watch (and I believe a Samsung watch). I think of it as an accessory to the main phone. An extension even. I don't think they get their own number. They use the esim for the mobility to connect to the account but it uses the account features.

There are standalone watch phones our there that can either take a sim or esim. I don't think the Apple or Samsung watches work that way though.

@Yummy  Just like **bleep** Tracy would 

Add  Richard Tracy 


@TheBezzle Apple watch requires more system setup on PM side other than eSIM.  At this point, no tier 3 provider is offering Apple Watch support even they have eSIM 

So, if you need to have data in your Apple Watch , you need to check with Koodo or Telus 

Mayor / Maire

Just curious - how are you going to use apple watch as a phone? Through Bluetooth and earphone?

Mayor / Maire

@TheBezzle  Esim is only for new activations and only on phones no Apple Watch support at PM 

you can get the $39 plan 20GB and Bluetooth to Apple Watch thou 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Woah, I see there's been  discussion of these things now that Ive asked the question.  

Looks like no-joy for now.  Thanks anyway

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