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Bravos to CS Agent


For those who don't have Faith to the ticketing system, here is a Fact: 


I opened a ticket using Chatbot with PM support at 12:45PM , got a reply at 12:54PM, 9 mins


Bravos to @CS_Agent team and @Denise_P  for the speedy reply



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

no offense, but I wouldn't take the word of someone who has an account chronologically displaying their blatant shilling of this company. Customer Avoidance Team doesn't do squat.

Same here. The few times I've had to contact them the service has been great. 


And you could be right about clear initial inquiry. If some of the threads started on this forum are any indication (the ones where they think they are contacting PM staff), the posts are often incoherent to the point that it's going to be tough to help them.

 Some customers posted issue that the post content was not match with title they wrote so I really don't understand what they wrote, I wonder that am I too old to understand what they wrote🤣

Oh, I’m not referring to priority, I’m referring to ease of response.

You can bet dollars to donuts that the more experienced customer support agents know who the regulars are around here.


Adding:   most customer service metrics are based on volume so the greater number helped looks more favourable for the customer service agents. It sounds bad when quality and accuracy of information should be priority, but I think they take a close second and third.

haha @HALIMACS   I don't think there is any priority list here  🙂

Mayor / Maire

Indeed, I too have had no issues with the customer support agents, although I might  suspect that they are aware of who you are, @softech 


It’s also likely you may have phrased your inquiry clearly , and the agents felt very comfortable in responding.


I’m guessing a lot of customers ask roundabout questions which are very unclear, and the customer support agents would rather not deal with it.


still, glad to hear your experience was a good one.

Mayor / Maire

@softech I sent couple of private messages to @CS_Agent team before, I didn't notice how fast @CS_Agent team respond since the messages were not urgent, but it's fast for me, the respond was sent to me in the same day. 

Mayor / Maire

The problems people have are getting to the submit a ticket in the first place. Then after that being confused with the login sequence. Then after that whether the login method works. Which is why I suggest to people to use the pin option as I have also had trouble with the login method.

But sure once there, if you can get a satisfactory, factually correct response then yes they can be good. We all too often see unsatisfactory, factually incorrect responses posted here. I've experienced unsatisfactory, factually incorrect responses. I patiently explain to them that well no that is not correct. If they insist then I request an escalation. Then a senior agent makes it all right. (except volte)

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