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Please my phone is INFINIX HOT 12 PLAY ...and I can't make and receive calls with my phone

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@chukwudalu1960b , just letting you know that I don’t know who admin1 is that you tagged but that person does not work for Public Mobile! We are all Customers here on this public / open forum. We help when we’re able to but we don’t work for Public Mobile. The only way to get someone that works for Public Mobile is to submit a support ticket to a CSA!

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Join the club. I'd recommend switching carriers, I haven't received a shred of support on the matter for over 24 hours on the matter. They will NOT get back to you in a timely manner.



(my previous post disappeared)

Did talk work previously with this phone?

Maybe your SIM card in another phone. This helps determine whether phone issue versus PM service problem.  

I checked your specs of the phone and your phone may not be fully compatible with PM, depending on which model. I tried to link the site, but PM won't allow me.  

The phone is dual SIM. Maybe try the SIM card in 2nd slot.

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