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Auto Pay suddenly stopped working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I’ve been on auto pay for over a year now with no issues. Suddenly this month my payment did not go through and my account is suspended because PM “could not verify my card information.” This is the same card I’ve been using, and as far as I can tell there should not be any issues with it! What do I do?


Mayor / Maire

@Elenalin try removing your car and re-adding it. goto your self serve account under the payment tab and click manage card.


change credit card-01.jpeg

Make it a practice to manually pay a few days ahead of your renewal date(just add the funds in your self serve) PM will subtract the auto payment from there instead of your credit/bank. you will still qualify for the $2 auto pay reward. you'll avoid all the headaches of your account being deactivated and then not being able to use your credit/debit to reactivate. sometimes the auto pay doesn't work correctly and it won't subtract funds from your credit/bank account.


If you are still having issues I suggest you make a ticket and speak to SIMon by tapping on the ? icon on the bottom right. SIMon will give you suggested fixes and gather the correct information needed to create a ticket in the proper category. Pick the correct categories that suits your issues and then click "submit ticket/click me" to start a private message to the moderators.


Moderators are available from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 9PM EST and from Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 7PM PM EST

Mayor / Maire

@Elenalin hello is it possible you received a new credit card recently if so it must be updated in your self serve account since expiry dates are different that could be a possible reason why it wasn’t verified

Mayor / Maire

Clear your browser cache/history/cookies. Close browser and open a new browser in incognito/private mode. Also, you can try a different browser.

Enter the credit card address Exactly as it appears on your statement.

Leave the apartment field blank. If needed enter your apartment number in the street address field.

Enter your postal code without spaces unless there is a space on the credit card statement then enter the first 5 digits only with the space.

Note: The credit card will get locked after a few failed attempts. You will then have to contact a moderator for assistance to have it unlocked.

Mayor / Maire

@Elenalin Unfortunately, Autopay can sometime fail, and this will lead to suspension. Try to add funds manually or through 611. To prevent such issue in the future, you may do manual payment even with enabled Autopay.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Elenalin, that is why I manually add funds into my account. For that matter, I put enough funds to cover me at least 3 months of my plan?

Have you ever heard of self-serve going down for maintenance? Or maybe, the server goes down? With my luck, it would probably the day it's my plan for renewal. To circumvent this, I add the funds and let AutoPay do the rest. Yes, I am adding more work, and somewhat doing extra for what the purpose is doing, but, why chance in losing my Loyalty Reward for an account suspension. Going on $2 a month for loyalty, I really, don't want to start at the beginning. 

Some things can change. Your credit card is due to expired, and thus, you need to update the account with a new credit card and expiry date. And probably the 3 digit code on the back of the card too! ook at your account.


If all looks good, then go ahead and contact SIMon. Chat with SIMon with your issue, so it can create a support ticket for the moderators for you. Click on the question mark at the bottom or here is the direct link to the SIMon too if you prefer too.


Once you think it understands the issue, type submits a ticket. Expect a moderator to get back to you up to 48 hours.

Explain the issue on hand. And they double-check everything.


   Another member updated their thread yesterday that after double checking the info and re entering the info and checking with her bank she was still having an issue with her card suddenly not being verified. A moderator mentioned it was a was probably a minor change in billing by the bank. The problem was solved by entering the info in ALL CAPS. Additionally a different member discovered that street should have been st. Avenue should be ave. and so on.....

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Pay manually first anyway. The payment will remain in your account and you can use your phone while figuring out the reasons. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had the same problem today. I had to make a payment with 611 to restore my service. I have no idea why it happened like this when my card has been registered for a long time

Pm is the problem, not us

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have the same issue 😞 😞