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As I now discovered the Add-On Data having a Shelf Life, that is quite troubling, Suggestion Time

Mayor / Maire

If an Shelf Life is going to be the New Norm, why not offer an 90-150 Day Shelf-Life for the Add-On Data, for those who have Lower Data Allocation on Plan at very least


But, if on an Older Grandfathered Plan, is the Shelf Life going to impact us too?


What about if we still have existing Add-Ons on the Account?


Mayor / Maire

In all honesty it was an odd perk to previously have them never expire. All that does is encourage users to sign up for lower plans, knowing they can have that rollover contingency whenever they need it. It was GREAT value for customers, but doesn't make much business sense. And this issue was further compounded with the free holiday give aways (I still have 5.5GB of holiday giveaways remaining!).

Definitely disappointing, but it does make sense.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@HALIMACS that's literally what i said to him in one of his other posts lol.


I expect the purpose of the 30 day expiry on the data add-on is to encourage folks to sign up to a higher data plan allotment.

This way, public mobile has more certainty on revenue on a cycle-over-cycle basis, versus those users who infrequently purchase an add-on.

Again, it’s all about the revenue

@Handy1 , What PM needs, is a Mr & Miss Wonderful Solution, But, at least PM is adding something Great

@makkahn28  Yes I agree , the expiry on the data add on is step backwards and very disappointing  to say the least 

Good, But still, would be nice if PM could have a Longer Shelf Life for the Add-On Data like 90-150 Days at very least

Mayor / Maire

@makkahn28  Any existing add on will stay as they are untill all used up , the expiry  add on is only for data add on that been purchased since the new system update 

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