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Activation of my account

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hello how can I do a payment? I had a problem with monthly payment plan. And now I can login my account to do a paymen


HI @iPaata   PM's support is all online and no one will call you


But you can submit ticket with CS agent to get access back to My Account , they will reply you via the Community inbox here, envelope icon on top right (not email).  


Submit ticket at :

First type Forgot Login,
then select the only choice there: "Contact..",
finally click link the blue link about submit a ticket
Another page will open and just follow: .

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM


If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can open ticket by private message (but this can take longer):

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I need to talk to agent 

I can't access to my account and no security code for verification gettin by mail to access account.

Please call me 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@dust2dust  … I wonder if you have a case for the C C T S.


i just did it yesterday … I ask PM again if they can’t lift the restrictions of my account because they got the money!

I told them also that I was calling my bank again yesterday ( Thursday ) about this case that they give the money back and clean up the case against PM.

And I ask them at least 3 or 4 times to contact me with a senior agent here but nothing was happening here.

‘They don’t listen to me or want release my account they just want the money from the bank and the case cleaned by the bank. Because of this, after I ask them again to give me everything back, I filed a official complaint with the CCTS

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@hTideGnow  … NO unfortunately NOT … PM will not give me the access back to my account until they get the chargeback from the bank. I was in contact with my bank yesterday again and ask them to spend up the process so that PM get back so fast as possible. But the bank could not say when everything is back to square one. I informed PM again but nothing .. I ask also to escalate my case to a senior PM agent. Also NOTHING ..  And one thing more about restrictions and cutoffs from PM what experience just today … I wanted to use my long distance time ( what I usually have on my account ) but I was not able to use it. PM even restricted this! 

Im really considering to chance the provider .. 

And I filed yesterday also a official complaint at the CCTS ( they ask me to withdraw the complaint LOL F*&K them )  … because I still think to block / blacklist my private phone is not allowed and it can’t be that they give me not account back when you paid all the time … 


That here is insane and pissed me really off.

‘When u pay it back what is questioning and you was never to late at any payment!

There should be no restrictions at all and they should give you everything back how it was before!

I really don’t get .. 

HI @Wolle268   I see you had quite an adventure with your bank and PM, so you finally able to get back into your Self Serve My Account like normal?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  .. I spoke in general with my bank … there was only one fraudulent action over the span of one month in questioning. 

There was someone how got my credit card number and was ordering almost every few days  something on “ Skip the dishes “ and it was almost $500.

So I spoke ( after one hour in a waiting queue) with the fraud department of my bank and told them that only this purchase was fraudulent. Only this .. and I called them two times more in last few weeks and told them again what was done from me and is ok and which is not OK .. 

But now here I’m again must call my bank and tell them again the same issue again.    

@Wolle268 wrote:

@softech  … I know that’s also the big fault of my bank, no question about this.

And believe me  I called few times my bank and told them what it’s going on.

That’s all I can do …


And you say they can lift the restrictions .. yeah but they want not do it … 

I ask them at least 3 times and any time I get the same answer … just when they get the money back from the bank then they want release my account.

@Wolle268  did you talk to the bank, are they going to reverse the revere?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  … I know that’s also the big fault of my bank, no question about this.

And believe me  I called few times my bank and told them what it’s going on.

That’s all I can do …


And you say they can lift the restrictions .. yeah but they want not do it … 

I ask them at least 3 times and any time I get the same answer … just when they get the money back from the bank then they want release my account.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


The bank part is of course between you and your bank. That's just terrible service. But that's not the responsibility of Public. …. Exactly that’s not the business of PM. Believe it pissed me off that I must deal with this **bleep**.

And PM is not the only company / vender where I have issue to explain them what is happening.

And I called few times the bank to hurry up the whole process. But that’s the same old old .. it’s really frustrating to me and really annoying 

@Wolle268 I am pretty sure they can remove the restriction.  Some customers got that restriction lifted when there was the Koodo confusion on the credit card statement.   Ask them, they can do it.  Again, it's an unfortunate situation.  Bank did the wrong thing and both you and PM are the victims from a wrong action from the bank.   BTW, you should give some hard time for the Bank as well.   

Oana has been here for a while. How have their responses been? Sometimes you get on to one of them and it seems like you might be getting somewhere and then you get tossed off to another one and you go backwards again. It can be frustrating.

Keep separate copies/screenshots of all of this interaction with each of them. I wonder if you have a case for the C C T S. I think it was wrong of them to "greylist" your phone. I think it's wrong to punish customers with this year long inconvenience after they've made good on the error wherever it came from. Paid their debt as it were. I think it's wrong that they ask you to have the bank pay them back when you've already made it right.

The bank part is of course between you and your bank. That's just terrible service. But that's not the responsibility of Public.


I think it's always good to have backup phones in case of whatever kind of loss. And in this case you could have had it to use while you wait for this ridiculous unjust greylist thing.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@dust2dust  … What the heck is their problem? .. I have the same question? Money looks like is not enough what it’s then? That’s makes no sense it all. Everything is paid the account is current! So WTF? 
It’s annoying and that pissed me off that must deal with this s%#t for days!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@dust2dust  .. yeah it goes insane here 

i just got a response form PM agent  … Chris is his name  … 

he wrote … 

Even though you paid the chargeback back on Friday this is still part of the chargeback process, therefore, if your bank reverses the chargeback team will have to locate the funds in your account balance as if nothing happened, that's why we cannot override this process if you wish to remove the restrictions from your account.


And yes I contacted @J_PM … but no response.


And yes I can share names of all agent who contacted me … 

Starting on Friday until today … Rodrigo -> Christopher -> Violette -> Oana -> Chris 

This has all been just ridiculous. Would you mind sharing what the usernames are of the agents that have been contacting you? The company has been made whole. What the heck is their problem? I don't suppose J_PM ever got in contact with you. Not that they have any actual power but at least they're our contact point. I think the agents are being overzealous. Way too much overzealousness goes on around this place.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  … I just got response from the PM agent … it’s almost the same what I got earlier today.


they wrote …

”…Now, that being said, the only way to remove the restrictions from your account is by asking your financial institution to reverse the chargeback. If they are able to reverse the chargeback the money will be located in your account balance and the restrictions from your account will be removed.”

So no answer of my question why they need reverse of the chargeback of my bank? When they got the whole amount already on Friday? I don’t get 🙄

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  … indeed snail pace … I really need the access to My Account too

and that I’m able to setup or chance my payment method … because when I must do by a voucher each month that sucks and is not convenient. And then it’s easy to forget or you are to late.

‘That’s also very important.


I wrote to agent maybe 45 minutes ago we]hen I was back at home but until now no response .. 

Lets see how fast the snail is LOL


I hope everything will be solve to my satisfaction. And still I will formally complain when everything is settled.

Im still a bit angry and upset  about the blacklisting  of my phone! 

Im just waiting for the response of the agent .. if I not get today I will ask them again tomorrow morning before I go to work.

@Wolle268   I have been thinking of you today!! LoL


Thanks for the update, at least we have some progress


The blacklist phone is unfortunate.  Leave it aside and get the "main course" going first, access to  My Account


The agent probably just take the reply from a set template (LoL) and that's why asking for bank money back.   Since you paid, that's should be ok.  Just couple more back and forth.  Again, if you don't like the answer, insist to have some senior agent to work with you.


And again, the Bank failed you in your case (for charging back all the charges for the month) so take it easier on PM.  PM is one of the victims in this drama as well


But happy to see you back with your service.  Snail pace, but still progress  🙂  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

 After work I had internet connection and I got message here from the agent that they restore my phone that I can use it finally.

But NO APOLOGY from PM for blacklist my phone! I’m pretty sure that was not correct!

About my account access … PM said they will give me my access to my account back when they get the information from me that my bank gave the money back!

But on Friday they ask me to pay the chargeback + one month in advance ( or it was restoring fee? I don’t know what it was I just wanted my service back ). What  i did via a voucher. I paid it Friday! And now they say they can’t give access until the get chargeback back from my bank? WTF they are doing? Looks like chaos! 
i wrote to the agent and asking about my payment on Friday .. let’s see when I get answer LOL

Mayor / Maire

Thanks @softech . Duh. I forgot about It took about 48 hours for a requested blacklist addition to show up there.

Adding - "greylisted" is an interesting term though.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  …THX for this advice and  I just did it .. reset the network settings … but still no success it’s still not working 

i think I will wait one day more before I reset the whole phone … 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  “ … It seems like a device issue. “


sure it’s funny how can this happen? Never change the settings everything was working until Friday without any flaws! I just took out the sim to test the sim … the sim was indeed working.

but to reset it’s easy to do and it can’t hurt. Maybe I will wait until tomorrow  after I’m back from work?

Maybe I get some news from PM … 

@Wolle268 in the mean time., try to do one more thing, Try to Reset Neteork on your iPhone, it might resolve the problem

@Wolle268 unless your phone just off the list and PM not  sync with the database yet, it seems like your phone was not on the blacklist afterall. 


You said your PM sim was working on another phone, so it is not the sim card or account problem.   It seems like a device issue.  


When you go to work tomorrow,  can you borrow a phone from a coworker to test the PM sim agaim?  If it confirms working too, you might want to factory reset the iPhone with the PM sim inside and see if it will resolve the problem 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  … I just used your link for the national data bank and there my phone is not report ..


but I can’t use my phone 


i was looking in my settings again and there it says 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech …. I have not checked on your link yet 

you ask … “… Again, you sure the phone was blacklisted?  …” 


that’s what PM said …



and agree with u about the two points why they can block a phone..

And that’s would be OK for too.

But as you said .. it’s my own phone I did bought from PM! They have no right to block my phone period!


And about the access to my account..

‘How should I deal with all the features when I have no access to my account?

I got few benefits from PM because of a good costumer .. like free air time or extra Data .. stuff like this and now I have no access to this?

or I can’t use or set up a new credit card payment for automatic payment?

i should get my access back to normal. That’s what I think .. when everything is paid what’s problem? 

@Wolle268 wrote:




@Wolle268   this was the answer to why the account/line was suspended, not an explanation of why the phone was blacklisted 


Again, you sure the phone was blacklisted?  did you confirm that here


As I explained to you earlier, PM is a prepaid carrier and they have to be very serious with charge back.  If not, some users can take advantage by using 29 days of service and make a charge back on the 30th day.  In this case, the person would have enjoyed 29 days of free service.   That' why PM has to suspend the account immediately and pose serious "penalty" for those who committed that, this to make sure the person will not and unable to do this again. 


Yes, in your case is different, but PM does not know until you approach them and tell them what happened.  So, I do agree with the suspension of the account was the correct move, inline with the company policy


What I do not agree or at least not understand was why your phone was blacklisted (Your IMEI was put on the blacklist database).  That is a different story.  Carriers have the right to do blacklist a phone if the phone 

1. was Lost/Stolen and was instructed by the owner of the phone,

2. was not fully paid (customers arranged with carrier to pay the $xx for xx months but run away with the phone). 


Again, in your case, you didn't buy the phone from PM and PM should not have the right to do that

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech … THX now I see it too 🤣 that’s the problem when u can’t look proper 

will send her a text 


THX again 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech …” But you really should push for an answer why they blocked it in the first place.  I don't think they can just block the phone because of a bill dispute. “

I ask them … that is there answer ….



that’s the reason … one back charge from my bank! All this what happened right now to me, suspending my account for 12 month maybe also I can’t use a credit for the 12 month too? or blocking my phone own phone for on back charge.

Thats really to much and exceed, I would say, a “ normal “ costumer service. 
After I paid back the withdrawal from my bank and even paid one month in advance it should be closed give me my account back and good is.

@Wolle268   At user's profile page, there is a Send a Message button on the top right. 


You can also use this direct link to message her:

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech …. “ message the Community Manager directly.   I had provide the name earlier, just click on her name and it will bring to her profile page and then you can send message“


I just tried it to contact her. Because I’m at work tomorrow and have no time to deal with this issue during my work time. So I want text her before im at work. I was clicking on her name from your former post. And yes it brought me to her page. But there was no where a button to send a message to her.

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